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Madonna Rebel Heart Album Review

Madonna’s Rebel Heart Album is appropriately named. I mean, she does have a rebel heart right? After listening to the album, I can see why she named the album Rebel Heart. As with true Madonna fashion, she is very risqué in her new songs. Madonna manages to stay young and to keep up with the latest trends in music, while maintaining her pop style… in most songs. This album confuses me because it feels like they had a good theme going and then they threw in a few songs that she had lying around that did not fit the theme at all.

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Mary Lamberts Heart On My Sleeve Album Review

You all know who Mary Lambert is. She was the beautiful voice in the song, “Same Love” with Macklemore. I literally tear up every time I hear that song tears come to my eyes. It touched me so much when it first came out that I had to search to learn more about the beautiful voice. I learned from my research that Mary Lambert had another version of Same Love, which was titled “She Keeps Me Warm”. After watching this it was clear to me, Mary Lambert is a part of the LGBT community! I am a HUGE advocate for equality, so I knew that I needed to review her new album, “Heart on My Sleeve.”

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Train’s Bulletproof Picasso Album Review

If you loved Train before then you will really love them after listening to this album! With a Maroon 5 flare and an upbeat sound, Bulletproof Picasso has everything that a music lover yearns for in an album! It contains songs that will make you laugh, songs that will make you dance, and songs that will make you cry. Train has a way of provoking emotions in me through their music that many bands are lacking. Maybe it is Patrick Monahan’s sweet and smooth vocals that never miss a pitch or maybe it’s the sweet melody of of guitar that keeps me wanting more. Whatever it is Train has got it goin on!

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One Direction Makeup Review

I am thrilled to announce a giveaway that I am co-hosting! 50 lucky winners will be receiving a Makeup One Direction Tin, before it hits stores!! Below are pictures of the 3 different makeup tins that they have. You could be a lucky winner of one of these tins!! After you enter the giveaway here, hop on over to Bites Reviews You Can Use for a second chance to win! Also, keep your eyes peeled because we will be reviewing a makeup tin so you can get even more excited about the release!

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Now Introducing Music Mondays

Hey everyone! I have an exciting announcement! Being that I have a degree in Music Production and a passion for writing, I figured it was time for me to get the ball rolling! It is a new year, which means it is time for new and exciting things here at Women and Their Pretties. Beginning Monday- January 12th I will posting all about music every Monday from here on out. You can expect everything from…

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