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5 Things To Remember When Traveling Abroad #TravelBlogger

If you’ve got a dreamy trip abroad planned and in the works, it’s always good thinking to have a few handy tips in place before you decide to make the big trek. Each year, millions of people run into troubles when traveling that could have been prevented with some forward minded thinking and a little bit of preplanning. To help you get a head start on assuring your next vacation is as memorable as possible, make sure you glean from these helpful travel tips first.

Secure Luggage

According to the most recent reports, nearly 2 million pieces of luggage were lost or were stolen at airports in the U.S. alone during 2013. Since that time, one can only imagine how many more pieces have been stolen or lost. One of the surest tips that travelers can adhere to is to secure their luggage using the best luggage locks they can find. Newer technologies can prevent tampering from thieves. Often times, when a rugged luggage lock is on luggage, it deters thieves who are seeking an easy payday.

Updated Smartphone

Before going on that big trip, make sure you update your smartphone. Look for traveler’s apps that can help you navigate the places you intend on visiting. Research apps that can remind you to take your daily meds or vitamins, and ones that can help you avoid dangerous areas and let you know about exciting attractions. Preparedness is the key to your good vacation.

Medicine Kit

If you take daily meds or you have a daily vitamin that you need to take, make sure you don’t forget the medicine kit. They make nifty reminder kits now that can link to your smartphone and buzz you when it’s time to take your next pill. It’s a fun and simple way to never forget about your medicine when traveling abroad. You’d be surprised at how many medical emergencies could have been avoided had people simply remembered to medicate on time.

Traveler’s Insurance

According to expert travel guide Rick Steve, travel insurance is a sure must-have when you are traveling abroad. When you think about it, this really does make some sense. You have insurance for your home and you have insurance for medicine, for your car and even for your teeth – but what happens when you are traveling? Many insurances won’t provide international coverage. So if you plan on being somewhere for quite some time, make sure you are covered well in advance.

Credit Cards/Traveler’s Checks

Tragically, there are thieves everywhere that you can go, and identity theft is at an all-time high. Experts say that you should always avoid traveling with too much cash or with your normal debit card. Rather, use traveler’s checks and take along plenty of credit cards, which have better fraud preventions on them, and that also don’t drain your checking account if they are misplaced or stolen.

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