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25 Canva Pinterest Template Bundle for $50 + FB Collage Bonus!

Are you looking for Canva templates that have proven results? I've got you covered!

These Canva templates can be used for any niche, at any time. Just add your own photos, words, and change the colors to your liking! I've taken the hard work out of designing Pinterest templates!

These are the templates I use for my own personal Pinterest posts and trust me when I say that they look great in your blog posts and will catch some eyes on Pinterest.

Check out this video to see the Canva Templates included in this bundle!

For $50, you will receive package of 25 Canva Pinterest Templates PLUS a bonus Facebook Collage Pinterest Template that are all yours to keep. They will be emailed to you after you make your purchase.

The best part is that you will get access to any new templates I create – for free!

Just Click Add To Cart to Purchase!


These templates are fully customizable to add your brand fonts and brand colors. Have fun experimenting with colors and text. You can rest assured that the sizes and location of photos within each template are optimized for the best performance on Pinterest.

This Canva Template Package includes the following Pinterest-friendly templates:

  1. List Collage Template – 600 x 900
  2. Basic Template – 735 x 1102
  3. Extra Long List Collage Template – 460 x 1260
  4. Headline Pin Template – 600 x 900
  5. Long Collage Template – 564 x 1204
  6. Stand-out Text Template – 600 x 900
  7. Basic Long template – 460 x 1260
  8. Basic Short Template – 800 x 1200
  9. Basic Short Top Text – 800 x 1200
  10. Long Collage Template 2 – 600 x 1260
  11. Long Text Pin Template – 400 x 1204
  12. Stylish Pin Template – 600 x 900
  13. Make a Statement Template – 735 x 1102
  14. Designed Template – 735 x 1102
  15. Circle Long Pin Template – 460 x 1260
  16. Long Boxed Template – 400 x 1204
  17. Triangle Template – 735 x 1102
  18. Modern Standout Template – 735 x 1102
  19. Colorful Template – 735 x 1102
  20. Heavy Word Long Pin – 400 x 1004
  21. Colorful Numbered Template (2 Images) – 600×900
  22. Scribble Template – 725 x 1260
  23. Centered Template (2 Images) – 600 x 900
  24. Wordy Template – 735 x 1102
  25. Outlined Text Template – 735 x 1260
  26. BONUS: Facebook Collage Template – 1200 x 900

Please note that these Canva templates are NON-REFUNDABLE. Due to the digital nature, refunds will not be considered.

This package includes 2 how-to videos so you can get the most out of your templates!


Click the button below to purchase your templates – they will be send via email directly after your payment is made.


I hope you enjoy this Canva Templates Bundle! If you're looking for custom pins, please visit this post.

EXAMPLES of Pins made using these templates:

These Maple Bacon Keto Truffles are a bacon lovers dream! This low carb bites recipe gives the perfect amount of sweet and savory. Try it today!
Keto Mug Cake Recipe
As cliché as it sounds, forgiveness is about you – not the person who wronged you. However, that sometimes means learning how to forgive without an apology.
Did you know that movie therapy can help you with personal growth? In this guide I'll explain how to choose the best movies to help with mental and emotional issues.
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Knowing how to empower other women is a great skill to have when making friends. In fact, it will help you in building a strong team of women who support and encourage you.
A low carb pizza casserole is the perfect way to stay on the Keto diet but still enjoy the things you love. Serve this on a busy week night for the family.
A low carb pizza casserole is the perfect way to stay on the Keto diet but still enjoy the things you love. Serve this on a busy week night for the family.

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  1. Amber says:

    These pins are beautiful and so easy to use! It makes my blogging life so much easier.

  2. Myrah Duque says:

    I am so thankful for these templates! They have made my life so much easier! My pins look so professional now. This is the best investment I’ve made. Thank you JOYCE!!!

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