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Now Offering Tailwind & Pinterest Management with Canva Templates

I’m not a Pinterest Guru or an expert at Social Media Marketing. I’m just a regular blogger who happens to do very well on Pinterest.

Sometimes, you don’t need a professional. You just need a regular person who will use their personal experiences in success to help you succeed. I’m one who believes that we can all succeed and grow together!

So, I’d love to help bring traffic to your blog by managing your Pinterest and Tailwind account!

Hire a Pinterest Manager

Before I get into the details of my services, let’s talk numbers.

At over 500k monthly Pinterest viewers, I know that I’m not a big fish. I have friends with over a million monthly viewers who I aspire to be like someday.

A big difference between them and I is that I’ve grabbed this traffic with my lifestyle blog content.

I only occasionally post DIYs, crafts, or recipes — which are favorites on Pinterest.

These monthly viewers are visiting my blog to read my crazy motherhood stories, Disney adventures, and entertainment recommendations.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a home chef, crafter, graphic designer, or photographer to succeed on Pinterest. You just have to write compelling stories and make decent Pinterest graphics.

With the right strategies and tools, you can get your passion posts seen by thousands. That’s where I’d love to help you!

MY SERVICES: Tailwind and Pinterest Management with Custom Pin Design.

If you don’t already have a Tailwind account, I can set one up for you for an additional fee.

I highly recommend you signing up for the Tailwind Plus account ($15 monthly), which allows you to schedule 400 pins a month and the Tribes Max PowerUp ($15 monthly), which allows you to join unlimited tribes.

I use both of those and my monthly views have nearly tripled since beginning. Use one of my links above for a $15 credit!

Tailwind Success

Tailwind & Pinterest Management

After you’re all signed up for Tailwind, I’ll join as a collaborator and completely take control of your account.

It’s recommended that you pin between 15-30 pins per day, which can be 75% of your content and 25% of others.

I'll do all of that for you!

I’ll also join you in tribes that are thriving and engaging, so your content gets pinned and seen often.

I can’t promise traffic but I can promise you’ll see an increase in attention on your Pinterest profile, which in my experience, translates to traffic often!

It’s important to note that I’ve had two pins go semi-viral since I began using Tailwind on a regular basis. I’m talking hundreds to thousands of blog views per day on my posts.

Tailwind Management Example

This could be your posts. I know it could.

If you're even reading this it's because you take your blog seriously and your passion for creating content is what people want to read!

Using my knowledge, personal experience, and graphic design – I'll help Pinterest become your #1 social referral site!

Custom Graphic Design

As previously mentioned, I’m not a graphic designer but I love to design pins.

I know this is something many bloggers dread. Not me. It’s the easiest part of the entire content creation process for me.

Using Photoshop or Canva, I’ll create custom pins for a limited number of your posts (of your choice) each month for an additional fee.

Pinterest graphic example.

These can be new, upcoming, or old posts. Pins will be customized for your blog but will be optimized for Pinterest using optimal sizing, strategic placement, and clever phrasing.

Your pins will be very much like mine but with a color palette and font choices that fit with your blog.


As a part of my package, I will be offering 1 free Canva template, of your choice as a bonus for hiring me!

Hire me for a year and I'll gift you my package of 10 Canva Templates!

Hire Me Today!

I am so excited to help you succeed on Pinterest!

Below are the packages I offer. Please choose the one that best suits you and fill out the form below.

I'll begin working for you within 72 hours of payment and confirmation.


$125 MONTHLY, $350 for 3 MONTHS, or $1300 FOR 12 MONTHS


This package is for bloggers who are already using Tailwind and have a Pinterest account. If you don't have the paid Tailwind services mentioned above, then I will be a bit limited but will work with what we've got!

MY SCHEDULE: I dedicate 1+ hour(s) at the start of your service to get your account current, organized, and up-to-date.

After the initial setup, I work 2-3 days per week where I spend around 15 minutes per day scheduling to and from Tailwind. At this time, I will be doing the following:

  • Adding your newly published posts to your queue and to tribes. I will be checking your blog regularly for new posts.
  • Scheduling posts from other Tailwind Tribe members, keeping you in good-standing with high-performing tribes.
  • Scheduling the posts you've listed on our shared Google Sheet to tribes and to your queue.

The Full Tailwind/Pinterest Management Package includes the following:

  • 20+ Scheduled Pins Per Day (75% to 80% are your pins)
  • Manual looping of your pins for the best performance. (I don't use Smart Loops)
  • 30 pins from old blog posts of your choice uploaded into Tailwind, scheduled, and placed into the appropriate Tribes. (PER MONTH)
  • Real-time Google sheet with pinned blog posts, progress, etc.


  • 1 FREE Canva template of choice for first-time clients
  • 2 FREE Canva Templates of choice for 3-month packages
  • 10 Free Canva Templates for 1-year packages.


$250 FOR THE FIRST MONTH and $125 for each additional month.

This package is for bloggers who aren't active, or are new, on Pinterest or Tailwind.

The BEGINNER Tailwind/Pinterest Management Package includes the following:

  • I'll create a Tailwind, Canvam and/or Pinterest account for you.
  • I'll clean up your Pinterest boards and create new ones that fit within your niche.
  • I'll add descriptions to all your Pinterest boards using SEO keywords.
  • 1 ADDITIONAL Canva Template to get your account going!
  • 10-minute consultation via Facebook Messenger or Email where I give you tips for Pinterest success, teach you how to pin successfully, and answer all of your questions!
  • I'll add you to relevant Pinterest Group Boards
  • Plus, everything included in the FULL Tailwind Package above.

ADD-ONS and A LA CARTE Services

  • 10 Canva Template Bundle – $50
  • Pinterest account cleanup (as shown in the BEGINNER package) – $50 (one-time fee)
  • Adding you to a 5 relevant/niche group boards – $20
  • 5 Custom Pins per month – $75

I no longer offer live-pinning on Pinterest as this is something I personally haven't seen much success with.

Want a customized package just for you? [email protected]

Please fill out this Google form and I'll invoice you within 24 hours!

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