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Alpha Hydrox Body Care Review

I love trying new body washes and lotions. Like most women, I can never get enough of new body care items. I recently received lotion and body wash from Neoteric Cosmetics. I was not familiar with the Alpha Hydrox brand before this, but I thought I should still give it a try. It was definitely intriguing to look at because the body wash is a bright blue! I am always open to trying new things, so this was not anything new for more.

Alpha Hydrox Moisturizing Body Wash- Purchase Here

The Sea Mist fragrance was something I was really looking forward to because that is typically a fragrance that I love. I've been using the body wash about 2 weeks now and I like it. The smell is my favorite! It is SO refreshing and smells so natural. It is a scent that men and women would love in a body wash. It leaves your skin smelling fresh and clean for hours later. It's definitely a refreshing scent. I was a bit concerned about this being a soap free body wash because I was afraid that it wouldn't lather very well. Thankfully, it lathers REALLY well. It actually lathers better than many of the body washes that I have used. I wouldn't say that this exfoliates my skin, but it does leave it looking and feeling rejuvenated.

Alpha Hydrox Silk Wrap Body Lotion- Purchase Here

To go along with the body wash, I used the Silk Wrap body lotion. It does not have the same scent, but it still smells okay- nothing special about the scent. I've used the lotion a few times already. I don't use lotion often, but I love to collect it (haha). I will say that it made my skin incredibly soft and moisturized. It really makes your skin feel like Silk (as the name claims). This body wash is gluten-free which I love. It doesn't leave your skin greasy (another plus). Combined with the body wash, these two make a great team in getting your skin rejuvinated!

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