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Aurora Cosmetics – Exceptional and Affordable Beauty

I am a beauty maniac, addict, freak, and whatever else you'd like to call me. I have quite a makeup collection and I am always adding to it. I think that my years of collecting and applying makeup are enough for me to know whether or not a cosmetics company is going down the right path. When I am testing out a new cosmetics company I judge a few things: Variety, Packaging, and Quality & Durability. Aurora Cosmetics New York is my new test subject and I am quite impressed. 

Aurora Cosmetics Blush Lip Stain , Blackberry Eyeliner Pen, and Nude Jumbo Chubby Stick (1)


The packaging is very modern and simple. It's a simple black & white. It isn't the cutest, but I don't mind it a bit! If they want to stand out, brighter or cuter packaging would be the way to go!


First of all, Aurora Cosmetics has a TON of nail polish colors! These are Gel Effect Nail Colors, meaning that you get the same long-lasting effects and shine as you would with a UV gel polish. The variety of colors is absolutely incredible!

They also have eyes and lips cosmetics, but the variety is limited to eyeliner pens, chubby jumbo sticks, eye pencils, and lively lip stains. There are a nice variety of colors with each of these though. I can't wait to see what other cosmetics they add to their collection. I'd love to see some matte lipsticks and maybe some loose mineral eyeshadows! I am biased though, because those are my favorite!

Quality & Durability

Let's start with the nail polish. I use the base and top Aurora Gel Effect coats on all my polishes and they last 3 times longer than they did without the coats. I am extremely impressed by these polishes, as I have never found a base and top coat that would make my cheap polishes last this long. I haven't tried their colors just yet, but I have no doubts that they will impress me.

As for the cosmetics, I am super excited about them. My favorite was definitely the Lively Lip Stain! I seriously didn't think I was going to like it because I didn't like the shape of the applicator. I used a matching lip liner to cover my full lips prior to applying it because it makes your lip color last longer. It would be a great idea for Aurora to make lip liners that match with the lip stain colors (Pssst! Please do!). So I applied the lip stain and I have to say, the shape of the applicator made it really easy to apply! I was able to shape my lips perfectly. It didn't dry my lips out like most lip stains do and it lasted 8+ hours!! The color that I used was the “blush” which as you can see, is a perfect red. I am absolutely in love with this lip stain. I want to try all of the colors now!

 Aurora Cosmetics Blush Lip Stain , Blackberry Eyeliner Pen, and Nude Jumbo Chubby Stick

                                         Aurora Cosmetics Blush Lip Stain, Blackberry Eyeliner Pen, and Nude Jumbo Chubby Stick

The Chubby Jumbo Sticks are okay. They don't last very long, but the colors are deep and pigmented. I received the “Milk” color, which is a white. I like to use it on my water line for a brighter look. I will definitely be using these on a regular basis. The “Nude” stick is a shimmery gold color that I adore! It's perfect for my light skin tone!

The Eyeliner Pens are another fave for me! I love the precision that these eyeliner pens give you. It's so easy to apply and it lasts for hours! The Blackberry is perfect and the Mushroom is a very unique grey/blue color. I'd love to try the other colors as well! 

Overall, Aurora Cosmetics is a brand that I can rely on. They have a ton of gorgeous and quality products. I have high hopes for them and I cannot wait to see what else they release!

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