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CHARMing Flip Flops for Kids!

I remember when kids HATED to receive clothes for Christmas. With all of the new and creative clothing out there, a lot of kids don't mind clothes (thrown in with a few toys) for Christmas. With Mottos however, they will be ecstatic to receive such a cool pair of flip flops! These flip flops can be decorated and styled in whatever way your child likes. Turn a plain pair of flip flops into something cool and fun!

Mottos Flip Flops Case

Mottos flip flops comes in a cute Collectors case that latches shut. The case has an adorable monkey on it. Your child can carry their flip flops in this case or use the case for something else. Inside the front lid of the case is a charm board for your child to keep all of the flip flop charms. The flip flop charms aren't what you would traditionally think of charms as. These “charms” are shaped and designed like different characters and will snap right into the mottos flip flops. I did have trouble snapping these in though. I am not sure that they are easy enough for a child to snap in. The charms are just adorable! The characters are different colors with different facial expressions. They are designed really well. Children love playing with the charms and choosing new ones for their shoes every day! The flip flops may look plain without the charms, but they are cute. The holes to snap the charms into are shaped like stars. These flip flops are durable and comfortable too. I love that the Mottos flip flop kit includes a drawstring Mottos bag for your child to use for whatever they'd like. This kit includes 2 adorable charms. You can purchase the other 3 packs separately! I have all of the charms and they are just too cute.

Mottos Charms

Purchase the Flip Flops for Kids Kit here

Purchase additional Mottos charms here

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