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Cocozia Coconut Water Review

I am on a health kick. Well, I shouldn’t call it a kick. It’s a brand new lifestyle and I am trying to drink and eat as healthy as I possible can. Just because I am drinking and eating healthy, doesn’t mean that I am not enjoying what I am consuming. If it isn’t good, I am not eating it. I think people have a misconception about healthy being disgusting. It doesn’t have to be. You have to find the brands that work for you and those that don’t. You aren’t going to love everything that you try and what I like, will not necessarily be something that you will like.


Cocozia offers 100% organic coconut water. It comes in awesome containers that are resealable. They I will admit, the taste isn’t my favorite. It isn’t as sweet as other coconut waters, but it is 100% organic, so it isn’t TOO bad. It actually tastes just like you’re drinking form a coconut. It has a slight bitter taste, but it’s overall very refreshing. It’s great for cooking too!

I recommend this coconut water for anyone looking for a healthy beverage replacement.I love drinking this when it's ice cold! It's so delicious and perfect for traveling!

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