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The Crazy Rumors are TRUE!

That's right! There ARE lip balms out there with flavors that are exciting, weird, crazy, and fun! It's time that we move past the plain- cherry, vanilla, and peppermint flavored lip balms! This is the perfect opportunity! Crazy Rumors has a wonderful collection of uniquely flavored lip balms. All of their lip balms are all NATURAL and VEGAN, so you don't have to worry about what you are putting on your lips. Their lip balm flavors range from cola to lemonade! They also have lip colors with beautiful colors! Just watch my video below and I promise you will be heading over to Crazy Rumors to see what you can find. (The prices are great too!)


I was not paid for this review. However, I was sent these lip balms from Crazy Rumors with only the cost of shipping to give my unbiased opinion of the lip balms. Everything stated in my review and video are 100% my full and honest opinions!

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