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Holiday Dress #9 – Teal Blue Plunge Maxi Dress – Lookbook Store Review #12HolidayDresses

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This is the most risqué dress that I have ever owned. I definitely wouldn't wear this out unless I have something that I can wear underneath, like a bathing suit. This is, however, a perfect dress for an evening in. This is dress #9 in my 12 Holiday Dresses series.

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Lookbook Store Review Plunge Maxi Dress

The Lookbook Store is an online boutique that sells women’s fashion at a low and affordable price. It would be very difficult to find prices lower than these. They are a global company so they ship almost anywhere. Their site consists of every style dress you could imagine – vintage, cocktail, skater, casual, and the list goes on. They also offer a variety of tops, bottoms, intimates, and accessories. They keep up with the latest trends and offer classic pieces too. 

Teal Plunge Maxi Dress Lookbookstore review

For the ninth dress in my 12 Holiday Dresses series I chose this low cut maxi dress. I thought it would be something different to specifically wear for my man at home. This dress is very low cut, as you can see. I would put this on to enjoy a nice candlelit dinner in our house. It will be a great dress for my guy to keep his eyes on me all night long. 


Plunge Maxi Dress from Lookbook StoreThe Teal Blue Plunge Maxi Dress is something that I would recommend for a lady that's trying to keep the holidays exciting for her man. It's quite a long dress. It drags a little bit, but I think that's perfect. I am wearing an AU 10/US 6 size dress. I wear a size 7 jeans. I am 5’0. Bust:36 inch/Waist: 34 inch/Hips: 37 inch. The material is very thin. The belt/tie is detached, so you just tie it around. The neckline is cut all the way to the stretchy waist band and slit is cut all the up to the waist band. You will be showing a lot of skin, not leaving much to the imagination. 

Pick this beautiful dress up while you can and grab a few accessories to match it!

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