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How to Throw A Cupcake Tea Party

Don't you miss being a sweet little girl? Playing with dolls, tea parties, playing dress up, and so much more. Okay, maybe we didn't do all of those things. I did play with dolls, but I was not much of a girlie girl. I climbed trees and played with toy cars more than anything else. Not that I am a young woman, I wish I were a girl again. I want to play dress up and play with a dollhouse and have tea parties! Halloween is over, so I can't really play dress up again. Playing with dolls as an adult isn't as fun. Unfortunately reality has a hindered my imagination. One thing I can do as a young woman, however, is I can BAKE. I am not saying I can bake GOOD, but I sure can give it a try. I can also have as many tea parties as I want (said in a defiant tone)! Why not have a cupcake tea party? What is a cupcake tea party, you may ask? Well my lovely friends, I will explain it all to you.

It's simple really.

What you will need:

Picnic Blanket
A Sweet Tooth
Cupcake Mix
A Mountain of Icing
Ramini Brands Silicone Teacup Cupcake Liners
Hot Tea or Coffee
Friends or a Good Book

What To Do

1. Prepare Your Cupcake Mix
2. Pour the mixture into your Ramini Brands Silicone Teacup Cupcake Liners
3. Place the Teacup Cupcake Liners on a  baking sheet and pop them in the oven.
4. While they are baking, lay out your picnic blanket (indoors or outdoors)
5. Brew your coffee or tea
6. Enjoy the company of your friends or read a nice book to pass time
7. Remove the cupcakes and place them on the dishes that are included with the Silicone Teacup Cupcake Liners set
8. Allow them to cool
9. Add the mountain of icing
10. Lounge on your picnic blanket, drink your hot tea or coffee, and sip on your delicious teacup cupcakes!
11. Enjoy your cupcake tea party!

Additional Notes

The less friends, the more cupcakes for you!
Ramini Brands Silicone Teacup Cupcake Liners are the best cupcake liners for you! They are cute, unique, reusable, easy to use, and reliable.

Get started today by purchasing your teacup liners below!

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