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Koss – The Ultimate Listening Experience (With Style) #MusicMonday

Koss - The Ultimate Listening Experience #MusicMonday (1)

How do you listen to your music? Do you listen to it on your laptop with the speakers blaring? Do you put on your favorite headphones and drown out the world? Maybe you pop in your buds and go for a nice run. We all have our own ways of enjoying music from home and on-the-go. I personally don't have a specific way of listening to music. I will listen to it anywhere with whatever tools I have. I do have a preference with my listening devices though. I make sure that I have the best headphones and speakers when enjoying all of my favorite tunes. I'd like to think that I am pretty easy to please, but I still know great quality when I see it or in this case, hear it. 

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Let me begin by saying that I have an abundance of headphones and bluetooth speakers. It's kinda my thing. I seriously have a set of headphones and a bluetooth speaker in every room in my house. Basically, I want everything within my reach when I want to blast my music. When I am home alone or I am doing my makeup, my Koss BTS1 Bluetooth Speaker is my go-to device. I keep it on the vanity in my room, kicked back on the handy little kickstand. Yeah, it's sitting next to my makeup and jewelry. I may be a girly girl, but you're never too girly for some Rock N Roll and a good Koss speaker. It's not like the speaker isn't stylish. It's a sleek silver and white color, so it really fits in anywhere. I like to think that it adds a little bit of stylish, modern technology to my traditional vanity.

Koss - The Ultimate Listening Experience #MusicMonday .

When I want to use it, I simply press down the power/bluetooth button on the BTS1 until I hear the beep a few times, turn tap on the Bluetooth on my smartphone, select Koss BTS1 from my bluetooth menu, and play my favorite hits! It's as easy as that. There aren't any complicated steps for connecting or setting up this speaker. The sound is so clear and it gets pretty loud if you want it to. You can control the sound from your smartphone or from the speaker itself. It's so convenient and easy to use! This is the type of speaker that I would get for my friends or parents because it's easy to use, no matter how tech savvy you are. 

Koss - The Ultimate Listening Experience #MusicMonday

When I am up late doing work or if I want to focus without environmental distractions, I grab my favorite headphones – the BT540i Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. I am a huge fan of over ear headphones because earbuds just don't give me a listening experience that I am satisfied with. In fact, none of my other headphones give me the listening experience that these Koss headphones give. The sound is so clear. These are the type of headphones that you wear to drown out the world and to get lost in your own imagination. That's why I use these to listening to thought-provoking songs while writing. I wish I could reach through the computer and place these bad boys on your heads because my explaining them just doesn't do them the justice that they deserve. You can hear every element of every song with these headphones. You will hear elements of songs that you've never heard on the radio before. These headphones give you an up-close listening experience. The bass hits so hard. There's no static, clipping, or noise with these headphones either. 

Koss - The Ultimate Listening Experience #MusicMonday

Not only do these give you the ultimate listening experience, they are stylish, functional, and comfortable. The premium leather, memory foam cups around your ears, rather than lying right on them. You can plug them right into your computer or phone using the detachable cable or you can listen wirelessly. The sounds and selection controls are discretely on the side of your headphones, so you can control them without needing your smartphone. Because Koss puts so much effort into every product they make, they have also included a built-in microphone! Just when you think it doesn't get any better, you find out that these come in a beautiful carrying case. They are perfect for business, pleasure, and travel. They twist around, so you can lie them flat in the case, as well as move around without them being too stiff. 

As you can see, my #MusicMonday is filled with hot music and stylish equipment from Koss. You should jump on board and take advantage of these products while they are still available. I promise that your listening experience will be changed forever. 


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