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Lip Ink Review

About Product: Lip Ink Review

  • Full Name of Product: Lip Ink International
  • Type of Product: Semi Permanent Lip Stain
  • Uses: A long lasting lip color for your lips! 

My Full Impression: Lip Ink is the only lip color I have ever used that does not rub off at all, until you want it to. I kissed my boyfriend, ate lunch, drank my coffee, and smiled a million times. This lip color did not rub off on my boyfriend, my coffee cup, or my teeth (thank goodness). There is absolutely no need to reapply it throughout the day. I usually have to reapply lip color after eating because it completely disappears, or even worse, you can only see my lip liner (embarrassing!) Lip Ink is definitely impressive!

  • Using My Senses

o   Sight- The coral color that I chose was absolutely beautiful! I went through all of the steps, which ended with my putting 3 layers of the lip ink on. This left my lips looking gorgeous! The best part is (well, next to it not rubbing off) is that it did NOT dry my lips out like most lip stains do! They look pigmented, hydrated, and beautiful all day long!

o   Feel- Be aware that due to the corn grain alcohol which helps set the color into your lips, you WILL feel a tingling sensation within the first week of using Lip Ink. It is okay, it does not damage your lips and the sensation goes away just as quickly as you feel it. The Shine Moisturizer that you apply before and after really leaves your lips feel hydrated and healthy!

  • 1-5 Star Rating: ★★★★★


Lip Ink Review

Why should you purchase this product? This is a unique twist to a lip stain. This lip color is semi-permanent which, in my opinion, basically means that it lasts all day. Not only are you getting a lip color, it comes with an OFF towelette to wipe of any impurities, and a shine moisturizer, which is a moisturizing, gloss.

  • Price: Prices Vary
  • Price Vs. Quality: This a top quality lip stain! You will not find any other lip stain that works this well.
  • Would I purchase this product? Definitely!
  • Where to Purchase: You can receive a FREE trial HERE ! They are so confident about their products that they are allowing you to try them for free! Once you decide to upgrade (which you will) you can purchase a full size product HERE

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