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Making the World a Sweeter Place

Sometimes you just want something gluttonous, something sweet and delicious. Sometimes you want something flavorful and delicious, without worrying about the calories. Wouldn't life be grand if we didn't have to worry about the unhealthy ingredients that we put into our bodies? I get sick of reading ingredients lists or feeling guilty after eating or drinking something delicious. I just want to enjoy myself and not worry about the after effects. I mean, doesn't everyone wish this? While my thinking is unrealistic, we can still work towards the goal of eating healthy, without questioning every ingredient. That is where SweetLeaf enters the picture.

About SweetLeaf and Stevia

Sweetleaf is a company that uses Stevia, a healthy sugar alternative, in all of their delicious flavor enhancing products.  Stevia is a plant that produces leaves that are 30 times sweeter than sugar, with over 100 more nutrients than sugar. Stevia leaves can be brewed to make a delicious tea or can be crumbled and sprinkled on food for a delicious flavor. SweetLeaf uses some of the BEST Stevia on the planet. They have won awards for the great taste of their products. SweetLeaf's products are ALL natural and healthy, therefor, you don't have to worry about the calories or the weight when you are using their delicious products.

SweetLeaf's Products 

SweetLeaf has a variety of delicious products that are all natural.

SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener – This sweetener can be used in anything from your food recipes to your drinks. It is the highest quality of Stevia and one pack is sweeter than TWO packs of regular sugar!

Sweet Drops– SweetLeaf's Sweet Drops come in a variety of flavors. With no calories or carbs, you can expect the most delicious and healthy flavors around! The best part is that there are NO artificial flavors, what you read is exactly what you get! These can be used to flavor a variety of things, but they are most commonly used for water, oatmeal, and yogurt. Sweet Drops come in 21 all natural flavors. My favorite is the Grape Soda, but there is a flavor for everyone!  You can buy bottles of these flavors. They also have packs that you can buy that are based on a theme, like “Soda Pack”, which include Rootbeer, Grape, and Cola!

Sweet Leaf Packs

SugarLeaf– SugarLeaf is specifically made to cook with. It is made to caramelize, brown, or bake with. You can bake anything that your little heart desires with this sugar replacement!

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