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Mega Bloks Hotwheels Kits

Hot Wheels Mega Bloks

Kids love toy trucks and kids love playing with blocks. This is something that we all know by now. One fact about toy trucks/cars and blocks is that no matter how old or new the products are they are always fun. They will never go out of style! Something that I love is when parents teach their children creativity and the importance of finishing what they start. As adults, we know that there is an incredible satisfaction in finishing something we have created ourselves. Just knowing that it was made with love, care, time, and creativity feels amazing! Mega Blocks Hotwheels Kits offer a little bit of building and creativity with blocks to create an awesome toy truck!

Mega Bloks Hot Wheels Car Mega Bloks Hot Wheels Truck

The Mega Blocks Hotwheels Kit that I received was for the Super Blitzen Monster Truck! What I love is that it is a 3 in 1 kit, meaning that you can build 3 different vehicles with the kit! This kit is so cool because it comes with a Collectible Team Yellow micro action figure! This little guy is so cute! He of course matches his cool ride! This ride is built with the Mega Bloks in the kit! My Godson is SO excited about the Mega Blocks kit! He loves to build things and this is no different. He has never built a toy truck before though! This kit is clever, cool, and super fun! I definitely recommend you picking ones of these up for the kids this year!


Buildable Mega Bloks Hot Wheels™ Super Blitzen™
Collectible Team Yellow micro action figure
Monster Truck base with motorized pull-and-release action
Combine with other Mega Bloks Hot Wheels™ sets to build a big world of smash and crash fun!


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