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Mrs Cavanaughs Chocolate Review

Mrs. Cavanaughs Chocolates Review

These chocolates are absolutely delicious! I am not a huge fan of sweets but I was really impressed by these chocolates. They are delicious, well made, and better than your average box of chocolates. They are all the right amount of sweet and creamy. I thought that I could just eat one piece and I would be good. That was not the case. I ate like 3 pieces at a time and could have eaten more, but I controlled myself. Everything form the white chocolate to the caramel were delectable. Then the candy bars! My goodness, I cannot explain to you how yummy these are. First of all, I thought they were unique because they are very soft. When you bite into these they aren't like other chocolate bars. They don't snap apart, they are chewy and delicious. The caramel one was my favorite. I wish I have an endless supply of Mrs. Cavanaughs Chocolate!

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Mrs Cavanaughs Chocolate Review…

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