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My New Favorite Makeup Remover Wipes

Taking it off (makeup that is), has never been this easy or safe. Organically formulated and free from harmful chemicals, Natracare wipes gently and effectively remove all makeup while moisturizing, leaving skin feeling soft and clean. No beauty routine is complete without Natracare's organic wipes. Also, great for your makeup bag or purse for touching up on-the-go.

My New Favorite Makeup Remover Wipes

I have used many makeup removers and remover wipes in my life. I do not like scrubbing the makeup off of my face. It leaves me skin feeling raw and sometimes damages my skin. In fact, just today I used cheap makeup remover wipes because I was too lazy to grab my Natracare wipes. Today, my eyelids sting. I feel as if my eyelids were scratches from scrubbing with the cheap, thin wipe. This never happens with the Natracare wipes. They are so thick and smooth. What I love is that these aren't just removing my makeup, they are cleansing my skin. I believe it's the fact that these are organic. Organic is 9 out of 10 times better when it comes to makeup. It removes my makeup so quickly and simply. There is no scrubbing involved. One wipe does the trick too! It is even efficient when removing my long-lasting makeup, like my waterproof mascara and my lip stains. 

I recommend these wipes for all of your makeup removing needs. When I am traveling, these are the only wipes that come along with me! 

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