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Review: Osmosis Colour High Intensity Loose Eyeshadows

Osmosis Colour High Intensity Loose Eyeshadows

Featuring 5 brilliant shades, Osmosis Colour Mineral Cosmetics is proud to launch their line of Water Color High-Intensity Eyeshadows ($14 each). Each shadow's unique loose powder consistency is made from concentrated minerals bound around water molecules. When applied to the skin, these water molecules burst leaving only the minerals left with high pigments and heightened hydration. Each burst instantly adds a stroke of bold, shimmering color and dimension to eyes with buildable, jewel-tone hues. Just like the watercolors used to paint, the rich shades of these loose shadows can be applied in layers to add intensity; apply one layer to achieve a soft shimmer. Each finely milled texture features pulsating pigments designed to amplify eyes with a wet-looking finish that will not fade throughout the day. Infused with antioxidant-rich goji berry and green tea extracts, it hydrates, conditions and protects your delicate eyelids. Vitamins A, C and E further nourish by offering free-radical protection. The special formula also prevents creasing and caking.

Osmosis Colour High Intensity Loose Eyeshadows

I had the opportunity to try a couple of these gorgeous eyeshadows and I was really impressed. At first, I wasn't so sure about these eyeshadows because they look like little mineral balls in their containers, rather than a powder. I realized after applying the shadow that this didn't negatively impact the application at all. This eyeshadow is truly beautiful and intense. The colors are very pigmented and deep. If you don't want to be fierce, then don't even try it. This is the type of eyeshadow that I prefer. I love using these with a nice, smokey eye look. I received two colors to review. I wish I owned them all because they are that beautiful. Topaz and Amethyst are the colors that I tried. 

Wearing the Osmosis Topaz Shadow

Wearing the Osmosis Topaz Shadow

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