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Save Your Lingerie With WashGuard

WashGuard Lingerie Bag

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For the past few months I have been on a search for a delicates bag that I can throw into washing machine. I searched a few retail and grocery stores, but the only bags I could find were for the dryer or just too small for me to stuff my items in. My bras and other delicate items seem to get wrapped and tangled in the washer. I have had shirts and bras completely ruined after getting twisted up in the machine. The truth is that sometimes our washing machines, no matter how high-tech or expensive they are, just do not protect our clothing enough.

The WashGuard Lingerie Bags were a lifesaver for me. Well, a clothing saver I should say. When I learned that I could throw this in the washer, I was so excited to try it out. I stuffed a few bras into it and dropped it right into the washer with a full load of laundry. The WashGuard bag made it safely and even more important, so did my bras. They weren't tangled or damaged. They were as clean as they would be if I put them directly in the dryer. I have used this bag since then for my delicate shirts, panties, and lingerie.

I definitely recommend the WashGuard bags for every day use. If you want something to protect your beautiful, delicate items, then these are a must-have! I did receive them complimentary for reviewing purposes, but that doesn't change my opinion in any way.

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