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Simply Clever Cards – Arithmetic

Simply Clever Cards - ArithmeticMy 10 year old niece is great in school. She excels in Reading and English, just like I did. Her behavior is great and she is overall a really great student. The only problem is with her Math. She has issues understand and working out the equations. Her dad (my brother) isn't much of a help because he has also struggled with Math his entire life. Despite his struggles, he still works with her daily to help her understand her studies a little bit better. They use handmade flash cards and it's really helpful for her, but sometimes it can be difficult for them both to understand. That is when I decided to give her Simply Clever Cards. 


The cards are great for students, teachers, and parents to understand. They teach a little bit of everything that's important for your little ones. They are engaging and make learning much easier at home! The cards make it fun to teach and easy to learn! I think it's cute because you can play different games with them. Learning is always easier when you are having a good time! Pick up a pack of these for your child's Back-To-School needs!

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