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Skrillex and Electronic Music Innovations


“For me, it’s important to believe in and love the music you’re making.” – Skrillex


Skrillex’s Musical Impact

Sonny Moore, also known as Skrillex went from being a band member, to being a sought after DJ, to becoming a highly anticipated music producer. Skrillex has taken advantage of the impact technology and the Internet has had on the music industry. Skrillex has been experimenting with electronic music since he was 14 years old.

After touring with a Punk Rock band as a teenager, Skrillex decided to delve more into Electronic music. Skrillex has always refused to be restricted by just one musical genre and tends to venture into many different genres. With synth melodies and wah-wah bass, he describes his music as, “a mixture of Dubstep, Electro, and Glitch (2013).” Skrillex ended the bad sigma Electronica Dance music had gained by reinventing it with a mixture of genres that everyone could move to.


As a very young child, Skrillex was influenced by Michael Jackson.  It wasn’t until he got his first guitar at age 9 that he became interested in Rock music. While Skrillex admits that he can he can find inspiration in almost anything, his mentions that he grew up listening to Autechre, Squarepusher, and Aphex Twin.

My Impression of Skrillex

I love that Skrillex can draw influence from just about anything. He pours all of his creativity into his music, like a painter does with a canvas. His determination and passion are what make him a great role model for new artists. His success story is inspirational. He followed his dreams by working hard even when times were tough and it paid off in the end. He lets the music lead and control him, which is exactly how every legend was born. I am not saying that he has reached legendary status yet, but if he continues to transform music the way he has, then he could go above and beyond other innovators.

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