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The Easiest Way To Improve – #TomTom Golfer GPS Watch

TomTom GPS Golfer Watch

Father's Day is right around the corner and here at Women and Their Pretties, I am trying to find the best of the best for every type of dad. Whether he's a gamer or a golfer, the Father's Day Gift Guide has something for you. One of my favorite items on this guide is the TomTom Golfer GPS Watch. This is the perfect gift for the golfers in your family. It's something that he wont have and it's something that he will use often. Oh and it's seriously stylish! What more could you need?

TomTom GPS Watch

The TomTom Golfer GPS Watch is the next best thing in technology. If you golf, you couldn't ask for a better accessory. Just snap this lightweight, durable watch onto your wrist and hit the course. Don't worry about sweating or damaging this designer watch because it was made to last. It may look heavy, but you don't know its there until you need it. The ultra slim design is comfortable and stylish. It isn't too large or oddly shaped. Don't worry about it loosening or falling off either. The clasp along with the 3-hole clamps, keeps your golfer watch in place on your wrist. Worried about the color? Well don't. You can choose between 3 different color combinations: White & Green, Black, or Green & Black. 

TomTom GPS Golfer Watch

The style is incredible, but the features of this gps watch are what really makes it special. The built in GPS receiver has incredibly accurate distance measurements needed for you to knowledge you need to be a champion on the course! You can connect this beauty to your computer, download the free software, and automatically get updates! You never have to worry about being out-of-date with this useful feature. Connecting it also charges your watch, so it's a win-win. Using the one-button control, you can personalized your watch to match your time, mode, options, and profile. This is recommended before your first use. This watch is very easy to use and understand. When you are ready to get down to business, use the same button to search for nearby courses. Once you choose your course (preloaded with over 34k courses), you can begin your first round! It's THAT easy. To make each shot a bit more fun, you can view unique green and hazard graphics before your shot. To top it all off, you can keep track of the score, distance, and time for your round! Finally, since the watch is bluetooth enabled, you can connect it to your smartphone for wireless updates. 

TomTom Golfer GPS Watch

The new TomTom Golfer GPS watch is perfect for any golfer (or wanna-be golfer). The watch comes pre-loaded with 34,000 courses—so you can find your favorite course at home, or play a round on vacation. Sure to improve dads game, the unique and easy-to-read graphics clearly show accurate distances to hazards and layups, in addition to the best approach to the green. Watch dad’s game soar to the next level using the easy-to-use and stylish watch. Now available in Scuba Blue and Black. 

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