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The Life N Soul Waterproof Speaker #MusicMondays

If you're anything like me then you want to listen to the music all the time. It doesn't matter if you're at work, by the pool, or in the shower – you have music on the mind. We all know that it isn't always convenient to listen to music. Maybe you're with a group and your phone just wont cut it. It doesn't go loud enough. It isn't waterproof. It isn't convenient. If you want to listen to music anywhere, you need the Life N Soul BM215 Waterproof Speaker

Waterproof Speaker

Use the BM215 during your pool parties, to sing in the shower with, or to keep you upbeat during a rainy day. The suction cup locking mechanism ensures it won’t slip away and lets you fasten it to any smooth surface. Too busy living your life to use your phone or speaker for controls? No problem! BM215 has Siri voice-activated controls so no more running back and forth from your device to the speaker! Live life on the go with Life n Soul’s BM215.

Life N Soul Waterproof Speaker (2)


  • IPX7 – protected against water immersion
  • 10 hours music play time
  • 75 feet extended Bluetooth range
  • Multiple color options
  • Fully waterproof speaker.
  • Suction cup with locking mechanism
  • Bluetooth compatible for music or phone calls
  • Siri function for voice activated controls
  • Optional table stand & backpack hook

Life N Soul Waterproof Speaker (1)

This is the coolest bluetooth speaker that I've seen. It looks like a tire. It has a rubbery outer layer that will protect it from heat, rain, and damage. The rubber also helps it to stand and stay in place. I received this speaker in black, but it also comes in red and blue. I think that it looks awesome. Everything from the shape and size to the design and logo are so appealing. I love that I can snap this bad boy onto my backpack and head to a music festival without any concern! The fact that this is Siri functional is awesome. “Look ma, no hands!” haha. A couple of unique features that sets this apart from other speakers are the long play times – 10 hours! Most speakers die within an hour. Also, the bluetooth range, I love knowing that I can walk away from this and it will still play my music.

Life N Soul Waterproof Speaker

I recommend this speaker for anything looking for something innovative, convenient, and stylish to play their music on.  This is a great gift for yourself, for party hosts, or for your music loving friends and family!

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