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The magic Opener – For Bottles and Cans


Magic Opener (2)

I have very sensitive hands. Some bottle are just too rough for me to open. If the texture is too rough, it hurts my skin, and I have to grab a towel to protect my hand. My hands are small too, so I cannot quite the grip that I need to open some bottles. It's a daily struggle I tell you! haha. Another issue that I have is opening cans after I do my nails. I don't want to ruin a pretty manicure just to open a darn can. The struggle is real people and I found a product to solve it! 

Magic Opener (1)

The magic Opener is a genius product. It's made to open bottles AND cans. The days of ruined manis and painful hands are over.It will open soda cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles. An additional feature is that it is magnetic! This is perfect to keep on your refrigerator. For us country folk, it's great to attach to your truck while tailgating or on your boat when you are fishing or camping. I really could list a ton of uses for this, but I think you get the idea. I just love the idea of this. 

Magic Opener

It is very well-made. The magic Opener has an ergonomic design, so it is gentle on your hands! It has sections to open Medium, XS, and Small bottles. It has a section to lift up caps, as well. It's easy to use and to understand. This is a must-have for parties, BBQs, and every day use! 

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