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This is Why Your Water Bottle Should Be Stainless Steel

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There are different water bottles that are great for different occasions. I use my plastic infuser water bottle for cucumber water; my glass water bottle is for tea; my stainless steel water bottle, now that one is my go-to bottle.

The Futurepace Tech stainless steel bottle is my favorite. It's the bottle that is always in my refrigerator filled with water or by my side as I am enjoying it. It's the bottle that I grab when I am going on a run or on an adventure. This is the bottle that I choose when I need a refresher on-the-go. 

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

See, this water bottle is special. It keeps my water cold all day. I know that you're probably thinking, “Yeah right! No water bottle does that!” Well, you're wrong. I've left my water in this bottle overnight, grabbed it the next day and my water was still cold. If you choose to add ice to it, which is possible because of the large opening at the top, you can expect your ice to remain solid for hours. The trick is the durable, food grade stainless steel inside and outside. My bottle doesn't perspirate, so you don't have to worry about a wet table if you leave it somewhere for awhile. Also, it claims to keep your beverage hot for 8 hours. Although, I haven't ever tested the heat factor. 

I say that this is my on-to-go bottle because it has a hook on the lid that allows you to hang it on your purse, backpack, or whatever else you might be carrying. Also the lid is amazing. It seals so perfectly that it will not leak or spill. Trust me, I tested it. I filled it with water, shook it up, and flipped the bottle around. Not a single leak or spill – not even a drop. 

So this is why your water bottle should be stainless steel and this is why it should be the Futurepace Tech water bottle.

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