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This Lion Cat Hat is SO Cute!

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Hello my pretties. If you don't know already, I have 3 lovely (and crazy) cats. They are seriously like my kids- my fur babies. My youngest is just a little momma's boy. He is all over me, ALL the time. He lets me hold him and pretends he doesn't like it (he totally loves it). He harasses me and the other cats. He's just a bundle of fun and exhaustion. haha! I've always wanted to dress his adorable little self up. He has always posted for my pictures and tries to be the life of the party, so I thought- why not? 

Mac Cat Hat

When I discovered the Prymal Lion Mane Cat Hat, I HAD to have it. Just the thought of my little Mac running around in this thing made me giggle. When I received it, I put it right on him. Yes, he struggled a bit, but my GOODNESS is it adorable! It's very well made and super cute. It's a bit loose on him thought. I wish it were a bit tighter, so it wouldn't fall off of him. I think that the design is just precious too. It may be loose, but it does fit him comfortably. It's not irritating or harsh against his fur. It's VERY soft, so it feels nice. The lion's mane is very nice and doesn't shed all over the place. My little boy looks like a king with the lion mane hat! I am so thankful to Prymal Comfort for this hat. Now Mac has a reason to pose for the camera 😉 

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