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Tiny Love Double-Sided Crib Toy

Tiny Love Crib Toy baby toys

You baby doesn't have to lay in the crib and stare at the wall. Why not give them something to entertain them in their crib or playpen? Tiny Love has created a double-sided crib toy that will keep your sweetie's curious mind distracted. With so many fun features, your baby's senses will be stimulated in the best possible ways. This double-sided toy is really special because one side is a toy and the other is a soother. Want to help calm and relax your little one? Just flip this to the bedtime soother and let the calming music sing your baby to sleep. This is made to fit most cribs and play yards. This is a well-made and safe toy for your child.

Tiny Love Crib Toy baby

Engaging crib toy and comforting soother in one product
  •  Engaging crib toy that converts into a charming bedtime soother
  •  Product fits most cribs and play yards
  •  Toy's numerous features stimulate baby's senses and encourage development
  •  Cute musical soother offers 2 modes of use: crib-side and overhead
Tiny Love Crib Toy
Helps Develop:
  •  Cognition
  •  EQ
  •  Fine Motor Skills
  •  Senses

Purchase the Double-Sided Crib Toy here

Connect with Tiny Love: YouTube

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