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Two Rivers Mega Coffee Sampler Pack

Hello all of my coffee lovers! I am too a coffee addict, so we are in the same club! If you have a single cup brewer, you know how difficult it is to resist a cup of delicious coffee. Before my Keurig, I was too lazy to make coffee. The thought of making it just sounded unappealing. Just knowing that I can make a cup of coffee in 3 easy steps, tickles me all over! The ease of a single cup brewer is wonderful, but what really calls my name are the TONS of different roasts, flavors, and varieties of coffees, cocoas, and teas! When I purchase single serve cups, I ALWAYS choose a variety/sample pack because I love to try new things.

The Two Rivers Mega Coffee Sampler Pack is one of my favorites. You cannot beat the incredible deal! This 40 count sampler pack comes with a variety of delicious brands and roasts of coffee! Whether you like bold, flavored, regular, or decaf, the Two Rivers Mega Coffee Sampler Pack has something for you. My favorite part of the variety pack is the brands that I already know and love, like Cake Boss and Brooklyn Beans. I love the unique flavors and names included in the pack. One of my favorite coffees was the MYSTERY one! The unidentified cup, with only a question mark on it, really intrigued me. Was I afraid to try it? Not at all. I was excited! I am happy to say that it was delicious. Too me it tasted like some sort of caramel flavored regular roast coffee. This sampler pack is great for the home or office because it comes in a nice, easily accessible box that can be placed right on a counter. I recommend this sampler pack to anyone that likes to try new things and I would definitely buy it for a friend!

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