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Best Universal Orlando Thrill Rides To Conquer in One Day

One of the best things about visiting Florida is the theme parks. That doesn't mean that you can only enjoy the parks as a family with the kiddos! One of my favorite times to visit the park is with my friends so that I can enjoy the Best Universal Orlando Thrill Rides in One Day! This post is sponsored by Universal Orlando. Sending a special thanks goes to my contributor and friend Victoria at who visited Universal Orlando for this thrilling post. All opinions expressed here are ours! 

Best Universal Orlando Thrill Rides in One Day

Best Universal Orlando Thrill Rides To Conquer in One Day

Being able to explore Universal Orlando as an adult is seriously so much fun! I get the chance to be a kid myself! I get to ride my top favorite thrill rides and explore the parks a little bit more in depth. Plus, with the Universal Express™ Pass, I was able to skip the line to most rides. Not including any of the Harry Potter rides.

Let's start with the park that started it all, Universal Studios Orlando. At Universal Studios Orlando you will find tons of thrill rides to enjoy, including some of the newer parts of the park, like Diagon Alley. So let's explore some of my favorite thrill rides you will find in Universal Studios Orlando.

Best Universal Orlando Thrill Rides in One Day

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

This insanely fun rollercoaster takes passengers up 17-stories on a vertical hill that the only way to get back down is to go straight down literally! It's fast, fun, and only those who are brave enough will ride it!

Revenge of the Mummy

This ride is one of my favorite thrill rides at Universal Studios. There is no flip and turns on this ride, but I can guarantee that it's an exciting one! Going through the dark in a coaster is one of my most favorite things and the Mummy delivers perfectly!

Best Universal Orlando Thrill Rides in One Day

Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts

If you know me, then you know that I will say this is my favorite ride hands down! Not only has Diagon Alley been exceptionally created, but the Escape from Gringotts ride combines some of my favorite coaster thrills with some of the ones from Transformers. It's the perfect thrill ride!

Transformers: The Ride 3D

This 3D style motion moving ride is perfect for those who like a bit of thrill, but not the crazy type! The Transformers ride stays long the same line as the Spider-Man ride. It's a vehicle that you ride in which moves around while saving the Autobots!

Best Universal Orlando Thrill Rides in One Day

The Simpsons Ride

The Simpsons Ride took the place of Back to the Future Ride years ago This is very similar to the Jimmy Fallon Ride; it uses motion simulation to make you feel as if everything in front of you is happening.

Now let's move on to Islands of Adventure. Where you will find some more thrill rides, including the newest attraction in the entire Universal Orlando Resorts, Skull Island Reign of Kong!

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

As I mentioned above the Spider-Man ride just like the Transformers ride, where you are in a vehicle with large movements making it seem as if everything in front of you is happening. What I do love about the Spider-Man ride is that they add a little bit more entertainment with 4-D!

The Incredible Hulk

Although I'm a bit of a chicken now when it comes to riding The Incredible Hulk, this used to be my favorite ride at all times! If you are looking for the real thrill, then this is it! Imagine that you are starting your ascent then all of a sudden you are shot out of this long tube into an incredible loop! Yes, this is what The Hulk is all about! Fast, fun, and lots of flips!

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Again, second favorite ride in both parks, although it does make me a bit queasy. So, make sure to take something beforehand, or you will regret it! The Forbidden Journey is a simulator with a 4D combination that allows you to feel as if you were riding a broomstick either trying to catch a dragon or dodging during a game of Quidditch! Either way, it's one that you must not miss!

Dragon Challenge

Last but not least in my thrill rides list, has to be the Dragon Challenge! Where you go against another dragon, when timed perfectly you both charge towards each other making look like you will collide! For me, that was always the best part! Is not as intense as The Hulk, but it's a thrill ride never the less!

There are so many thrill rides to take advantage of at Universal Orlando all year long. Hopefully, you can accomplish to get on every single one of them and survive!

What's your favorite Universal Orlando thrill ride?

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