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Yoplait Has New Flavors & They Are Delicious!


You know the brand. It's the delicious one with all of the unique yogurt flavors and products. It's the one that you choose after you've scanned all of the brands in the aisle. Yoplait is the brand that you can always count on to fight your “sweet tooth”. Yoplait yogurts are low-calorie options for breakfast, snacks, or dessert. It's an innovative brand that is constantly pleasing their customers with something new or something improved. It's a brand you can trust and they have new flavors! 

Yoplait has just released a few delightful limited edition summer flavors. I have had the pleasure of trying a few of these flavors and I am really impressed. I've never been a huge fan of yogurt. Sometimes the taste is just off for me. Since I haven't eaten yogurt in awhile, I thought I'd give some of these new flavors a try. I mean, the new flavors just sound SO delicious – Key Lime Pie, Rainbow Sherbet, Banana Split! Ahhh it sounds like my summers as a kid. 


My very favorite is the Key Lime Pie! Ugh… It's so delicious and sweet that I feel guilty when I eat it. The key lime taste is very prominent. It isn't bland and it doesn't taste odd, like a lot of yogurts. It's so smooth and creamy. Ahh… it's a cup of goodness! All the Original Whips are so delicious. I love how light and airy they are. I actually prefer these because they aren't too thick. I think Yoplait has the right idea with adding seasonal flavors! It gives us something to look forward to. 

Yoplait is fulfilling those warm-weather cravings with brand new, limited edition flavors that are on trend and perfect for summer snacking. I’ve listed the new seasonal flavors below, which began popping up on shelves this week.

  • Greek 100 Blueberry Lemon
  • Greek Whips Key Lime Pie
  • Original Rainbow Sherbet
  • Light Watermelon
  • Original Whips Root Beer Float
  • Original Whips Banana Split

Yoplait Original with 25% less sugar: With 25 percent less sugar, 20 less calories, 1 additional gram of protein and no artificial sweeteners or flavors, the new Yoplait Original is positively fridge-worthy. Yoplait Original with reduced sugar will be available nationwide in June 2015, in all 25 Original flavors including Strawberry and Harvest Peach. To top it off, consumers that don’t love the new taste can mail in their receipt for a refund by visiting the website.

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