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10 Toys That I Miss From The 90s

10 Toys that I miss from the 90s


I was born in 1988, so I grew up as a 90's child. All of my favorite times with my toys were from the 90's and there is nothing that I love more than reminiscing. Some say that the 90's was the greatest decade and well, I can't really disagree with them. Below is a list of the 10 toys that I miss from the 90s.

Answer This: What toys do you miss from your childhood? 

1. Talking Bubba Sometimes I think that either I am the only one that remembers Talking Bubba or I am the only one that had one. I have asked a lot of 90s kids if they remember this toy and it seems like nobody remembers it. Well I loved my Talking Bubba. It was one of my favorite toys! It was a redneck farmer bear (I guess). All I remember is that he made me laugh and It was a “hot item” at the time! I see them selling for around $130 online, so I guess I am not the only one who loved him.

Talking bubba - A Toy of the 90s

2. Pogs and Slammers I was a bit of a tomboy growing up. This was considered a “boys” game, but I was obsessed with it! It's definitely something that makes me nostalgic because my brother and I used to play it together. Pogs were these round paper “coins” with different pictures on them. Slammers were heavy and also had pictures and designs on them. I guess it was more of a game than a toy, but I still miss it all the same. You would stack the pogs and throw a slammer on the stack. The pogs that fell, you could keep! Games were much simpler back then!

pogs and slammers- toys of the 90s

3. Spice Girl Barbies That's right. I was a Spice Girl fan. Some people may not even know that these existed, but I had every Spice Girl Barbie and I thought I was the coolest kid in the world. When I say I was a fan, I mean I was an AVID fan. I watched the movie like every other day. I pretended to be the Spice Girls with my friends. I had Spice Girl pencils and much more. The Spice Girls were my idols in the 90s. Yeah, I was a fan girl.

Spice Girl barbies- Toys of the 90s

4. Giga Pets and Tamagotchis The 90s wouldnt have been the same without these “advanced” technology toys. If you were a girl and you didn't have one (or more) of these, then you were not a cool kid. These little keychain toys gave you the ability to care for digital pets. These ended up getting banned from our schools because of how distracting they were. Oh how I miss these toys.

tamagotchi giga pets- toys of the 90s

5. Talking Tommy DollBeing a 90's child I was obsessed with all of the latest 90s cartoons. I loved most of them, but Rugrats was my absolute favorite! I watched it every day of my life. When I received the Talking Safari Tommy I was thrilled. I thought this was the coolest thing in the world!

talking tommy doll- toys of the 90s

 6. Clueless PhoneThis phone was so cool and it was so girly. It random around your ear and it would say things like, “As If” and “What-ever”. All my friends had one and we would 3-way call for hours. haha. Now I see where I get my attitude from – What-everrr

clueless phone - toys of the 90s

7. Squiggly Wigglies I'm sure the majority of you don't remember these. If you do, probably by a different name. You could buy them at your local outlet stores right at the counter. They were some of the funnest toys! I had a few of them. They were so fun because you couldn't hold onto them. They would wiggle right out of your hand. They were filled with water and little plastic creatures. The middle was hollow, so they would slide when you held them. My friends and I got a kick out of these. Do you remember them?

squiggly wigglies- toys of the 90s

8. Furbys I cannot do a 90's toy post and not mention Furbys! When I got new toys, it was typically later than my other friends. Everyone that I know had Furbys before me, but when I got my first one I wanted to cry. I was sooo excited! I would try to teach it to say bad things haha. I took my Furby with me everywhere. There are new ones these days, but they aren't nearly as cool as the 90s ones.

furby - Toys of the 90s

9. Lite-Brite Okay, I barely remember this because I was so young when it was popular, but I remember it being so much fun. It's one of the first toys that I remember playing with. I loved creating “art” out of lights! I am sure many of you remember this. It was almost a genius toy! Looking back, anyone could have made one, so the person who invented it was very smart. You can still find these at yard sales and online. Definitely a great toy, but if you left the little lights laying out it was certain that someone would step on one and you'd be in a lot of trouble! haha.

lite brite- toys of the 90s

10. Skip-ItOh this was a hott toy, so I had to mention it! I still remember the commercials like it was yesterday. You put the skip it over your and it would spin while u skipped over it. Thinking about it now, It would be a great workout item! (Haha- and this is the moment where I realize that I am back to my adulthood.)

skip-it - toys of the 90s

Are there any other iconic 90s toys that I didn't mention that you loved as a 90s child? There were a few that didn't make the cut, but they were loved all the same 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this post. The pictures in this post do not belong to me. I found the manufacturer photos on the internet.

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  1. Lois Jones says:

    Oh my goodness! This is a throw back to when my boys were younger. They had several of these and love them! The squiggles thing was something we had some weird experiences with though! Won’t even begin to go into it! LOL!

  2. B Ketelsen says:

    This is a great list! I remember them all except the Talking Bubba. I do not miss Furbies however (probably because they are back) and the one my daughter has talks in the middle of the night and just creeps me out.

  3. Sam Sly says:

    Fun list! I remember taking care of my cousin’s Tamagotchi and killing it within minutes! I never had one of my own, probably because I killed my cousin’s and thought they seemed a little demanding of attention. Those Spice Girls dolls are cute.

  4. lmfao! You used Spit it as a weapon!! hahaha so bad! I was never a fan of Sesame Street, so I didn’t have a talking big bird, but I think I remember him. It’s hilarious that you remember your Gigapet’s name!! lol

  5. hahaha dude you played with pogs too? How fun! We were definitely tom boys then!!

  6. OMG you actually know what Talking Bubba is!!! lol It seems like nobody knows but me hehehe. I love throwback posts too. The nostalgia is amazing. I am thinking of doing 90s shows and 90s movies posts. It’s so fun to think about them!

  7. hahaha I feel like I am the only one who remember Talking Bubba! He was my favorite! & pogs/slammers were more for boys, but I LOVED them! lol. Man, the nostalgia the 90s brings!

  8. Oh man!! Did they? That’s awesome!!

  9. Michelle Hwee says:

    Oh man, I miss tamagotchi too! Did you know they actually brought them back and they look pretty similar! Ahh, what a fun post 🙂

  10. Ashley C says:

    I’m a 90’s kid and have no clue what the first two things are. Haha. However, I have to say that I talked to a friend the other night about 90’s toys and we reminisced. My favorite things were the Giga Pets and Tamagotchis. To be honest, I still had some until a few years ago. Ended up selling them on eBay and made a bunch of money off them. Some of them still had working batteries in them. Have no clue how that was possible.

    Loved seeing this post, though, aside from Furby’s… I hate those things. Bad experiences with them.

  11. I had numbers 1, 4, 7, and 9. Actually I didn’t have #1 but I REALLY wanted one and my best friends had him. So I’m counting it. Lol. And of course I remember all of the others. I LOVE throwback posts

  12. Tessa Smith says:

    Pogs and Giga pets for me! I used to get in so much trouble in school with my pets! And I remember collection tons of pogs and slammers and trading with friends. Awwww…this post brought back so many memories, thanks for sharing!

  13. Josey says:

    Gigapet – Mine I named Prixie … I loved Prixie but got in a lot of trouble for having her at school lol.
    Lite Brite … I’m pretty sure my parents regretted ever buying me this toy with a bajillion tiny little pieces lol.
    Skip-it – I used this as a weapon with my little sister … not cool lol.

    Im sure no one remembers talking big bird. You put a cassette that came with it in his rear end (literally) and he read you a story lol.

  14. hahaha my goodness I would buy them and just keep them for the memories! Or maybe do an arts & craft project with them heheehe

  15. Talk about a blast from the past! I had most of those (minus the Spice GIrls dolls, Talking Bubba, and the Clueless phone) and loved them! In fact, I was flabbergasted when I saw pogs on Listia! The child in me wanted to bid on them but the adult in me said, “What the heck would I do with them?”. I miss my LiteBrite.

  16. Donna Ward says:

    There are a few things i remember – but my sun was 10 years old – and paid attention to GI Joe – fun little post of iconic toys

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