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25 Lessons That I learned in 2014

  1. Everyone needs a friend. Lend a helping hand whenever you can.
  2. True love never fails you, no matter the time or distance in between.
  3. The Universe works in mysterious ways.
  4. One decision can change your entire life.
  5. Your environment affects you more than you realize.
  6. Sometimes you have to take a chance; it could change your life.
  7. Never, EVER hold back. If you love someone tell them.
  8. Friendships and relationships need to be fed, loved, and nurtured or they will die.
  9. Everything isn't always as it seems. People hide behind smiles… masks… the internet.
  10. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a struggle. Remember that.
  11. Strangers can become best friends.
  12. You get what you give.
  13. You can handle more than you think you can.
  14. If you cannot stop thinking of someone, there is a reason.
  15. You can always push yourself to do something more.
  16. Hard work DOES pay off, just give it time.
  17. Your time and opinions are VALUABLE. Use them to your advantage.
  18. Take a risk; things could turn out better than you ever imagined.
  19. I can withstand anything that is thrown my way and you can too.
  20. Everything has a right time and place. Patience is a virtue.
  21. Be confident in your abilities. Confidence shows.
  22. Never settle for a job you don't like, a love that isn't real, a friend that isn't loyal, or a home that isn't happy.
  23. Do what makes you happy, even if others don't understand.
  24. YOUR happiness is the most important. You cannot make others happy unless you are happy.
  25. Embrace your emotions. Never let someone tell you not to cry, smile, be angry, or sad. You have the right to feel however you want to feel. Don't be ashamed of your feelings. Not everyone can feel like you feel.

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  1. Joely Smith says:

    Lovely Have shared and shared again!

  2. Wonderful words! This is fantastic. I love this post.

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