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5 things nobody tells you about being in a relationship (and what you need to know before jumping into one)

As a young woman, I've explored a lot of different relationships. I've had really long-term relationships, love at first site relationships, really passionate ones, and really volatile ones. No two relationships are the same, but they all carry a few common things that nobody seems to mention. Maybe we are too involved to realize it, maybe we are too afraid to admit the truth, or maybe we just don't talk about our relationships enough. These are the 5 things nobody tells you about being in a relationship. 

1. Sometimes you cant stand each other.

It's true. You aren't always going to like each other. There will be times when they annoy you more than anyone in the world. There will be days when you wish you were alone (but you don't really mean it). Sometimes every little thing they do will annoy the hell out of you. You wont know whether to smack them, hide from them, or leave them. Is it possible for someone to be your best friend and worst enemy at the same time? If so, that's exactly how you will feel. 

2. Sometimes you have to say sorry… when you don't really mean it.

This was the most difficult thing to learn in my current relationship. Being the stubborn woman that I am today (with a boyfriend even more stubborn) it was very hard for me to bite my tongue. Letting things go was almost impossible – especially when I knew that I was in the right. I learned that sometimes, you just have to say sorry. Sometimes you have to apologize when you don't really mean it. You have to learn that just because you are hurt or angry, it doesn't mean that the other person isn't feeling the exact same way. You'll learn that it's better to apologize than to argue all night… trust me. 

3. Just because you think it… doesn't mean you should say it.

The whole speaking your mind and saying exactly what you want when you want thing needs to go right out the window! If you want to have a successful relationship – bite your tongue! Don't call your girlfriend fat. Don't hit them below the belt. Don't point out every single flaw. Just because you think it doesn't mean you should say it. 

4. You have to do things you aren't comfortable with.

Being in a relationship means doing things you aren't very comfortable with. You will hang out with obnoxious friends and rude family members. You will go to places and do things that you normally wouldn't do. Relationships are about sacrifice and sometimes you have to sacrifice your comfort just to make your partner happy. It's all for love, people. Do it and you'll be glad you did. 

5. It's one of the most fulfilling things in life.

Being in a loving, honest, and committed relationship is one of the most fulfilling things in life. Relationships are underrated these days. People don't talk fondly of them. It's like we are afraid of admitting that we are happy. When was the last time that you declared your love for your partner to someone else? A healthy and happy relationship will fill the hole in your life. A relationship means wearing sweat pants all day, watching reality TV, and going on adventures with someone just as sloppy and weird as you. 

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  1. Jess Benoit says:

    These are all great tips…especially #2. We have been together for 21 years & have learned to suck up our pride years ago. Sometimes it takes a lot, other times it’s easy. But doing it saves a ton of arguing and you can both move on without doing and saying things out of spite. And #5…ahhhh yes! I could never imagine being without my hubs, not to mention the kids we made together.

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