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Add Some Hydration to Easter With Limited Edition Carmex

Add Some Hydration to Easter With Limited Edition Carmex

Carmex has some of the very best skin and lip care, which I am sure you know already. They are a very popular brand because of how incredible their products are. Carmex products are known for healing and moisturizing your skin and lips. Well, now they have the cutest limited edition lip balms with desirable designs that all the ladies will love.

The Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm has saved my lips. I have been using it for the past week and it has healed my dry lips. I have the worst dry lips and I have for years. I don't typically use lip balms because I don't like anything sticky or buttery on my lips. Even when I DO use it, I always forget to keep using it. This time, I decided to stick with it, so I could share my experience with you. Naturally, the Carmex lip balm has the typical scent that it usually does (the healing ointment scent is the best way that I can explain it). However, if you lick your lips you will taste a soft vanilla. This is PERFECT for outdoor events because it contains sunscreen, aloe, and Vitamin E. Have you ever had sunburnt lips? I have and it is NOT a pleasant feeling!

carmex Moisture Plus

Since Carmex has the new, fun designs I think it would be a cute addition to an Easter basket for teenage girls! They can protect their lips with style!

Thank you for reading Add Some Hydration to Easter With Limited Edition Carmex. Read my last Carmex Review here.

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