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BeMe Cosmetics Nail Art Pens – Harvest Collection

BeMe Cosmetics introduced me to their Harvest Collection nail art pens just in time for Fall. I have been on the hunt for the best beauty products for Fall and these nail art pens top the list. This collection includes 8 different colors, which are great for Fall. Unlike a lot of Fall collections, these are much more vibrant. I don't necessarily mind this because Halloween is filled with bright colors. Also, I love designing with a bright color on top of a darker one. 

BeMe Nail Art Pens - Harvest Collection Halloween nails

First of all, I was impressed by this little package. Not only does it include 8 high fashion colors, it comes with an instruction booklet with some great design ideas, and a cleaning pin! I was excited to see these little extras. I love companies that think of everything and don't make you buy each item separately or go on a hunt for how-to ideas online.

BeMe Nail Art Pens - Harvest Collection Fall nails (1)

As for the nail art pens, they are so easy to use. I felt like I was going to have a difficult time designing with these pens, but the tips are so fine that you get a very clean line. As with any sort of art, practice makes perfect. I know the more that I use these, the better I will design with them. I am right handed, so of course, the design on my left hand was very difficult. What's really cool about these art pens is that the colors detach from each other just by twisting them apart. The design of the bottles is perfect because the bottom of each color is flat, so you can stand it up while you paint, just like with a normal polish.

BeMe Nail Art Pens - Harvest Collection Halloween Pens

These aren't just nail art pens. They are regular polishes too. The cap is perfect because you twist it for the brush to pain your nails or you can pull it for the pen to design your nails. You simply hold it like you would a pencil and draw right on your nails. I decided to do a Halloween mani and a Fall mani. I wanted you to see that you have many different options. Again, my designs are not perfect, but I was proud with what I came up with. 

BeMe Nail Art Pens - Harvest Collection Fall nails

My only wish is that the Harvest Collection contained a white color because white is great for any season when designing nails. It's perfect as a base color or for a design color. Other than that, I love this collection. The colors are beautiful. The polish is really nice too. You don't need multiple coats to cover your nail. It doesn't chip easily either. I am really impressed! I would love to own every one of these kits. I definitely recommend these for Halloween or Fall.

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  1. Jennifer Heintz says:

    I like all those cute designs you are showing. I think I want a Halloween design on my nails, but I think I will have an assistant help, as I can be real shaky.

  2. laurie murley says:

    wow these are so cute

  3. laurie murley says:

    this sounds like a great product, I would love to try it

  4. Lula Ruger says:

    I could have alot of fun with my daughters doing our nails with this looks to be a quality product

  5. Maddy says:

    love the black with green neon monster, would do that and jackolanterns

  6. Maddy says:

    I absolutely love the Halloween themed nails you did & the fact that there are infinite possibilities with those nail pens. I dunno if I’m artistic enough to do it on myself, but maybe I can get someone to do them for me using these pens lol

  7. Dorothy Boucher says:

    I love your nails, you should do a tutorial on them 🙂

  8. Jeanna Massman says:

    This product encourages you to be creative and provides you with tools you need!

  9. Sonal says:

    I really like the flower that you did, but I think for my first time just to keep it simple I would pick an easy polka dot type of pattern. Just until I get the hang of it!

  10. Sonal says:

    I love that it doesn’t chip and that you make it seem so easy to do such cute designs!!

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