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Bringing Back The Classics

Growing up there were so many fun and cool games to play. There were quite a few games that I would play as much as possible. As sad as it sounds, some I would play by myself because I couldn't find anyone to play them with me. I have always been a fan. It is just a simple joy in life that I cannot get enough of. I am all about nostalgia and bringing back the classics! That is why I am so thankful for a company like Winning Moves. They have a variety of games that are fun for the old fans of classics, new fans, and for the lovers of new and fresh games!

One of my very favorite classic games that Winning Moves has is Trouble. Believe it or not, I never played this game as a child. Nope, I did not. I always wanted to, always hoped to, begged to even, but never did. I remember seeing it in stores and wanting to play it. Back in those days, I had a nice game collection already. Well, my parents did. When I realized that Winning Moves had Trouble I thought, “This is my moment!” I NEEDED it! It was time to bring back the classics and to master the game world once again. Muahaha. I know, I sound full of it! My boyfriend and I broke out the old school games and had a fun family game night full of Winning Moves classics and originals!

We first played Trouble (of course). We had a great time with this game. I love how the die is trapped, so you really have no control on where it lands. The game is made well, packaged well, and arrived quickly! I know I said I was planning to dominate the game night, but I did not excel at this game. I was a loser (for once). haha. It was great for my boyfriend's pride. He needs to win everyone once in awhile to keep him wanting to play more! I'd suggest this game for any age. It is fun, easy to understand, and a nice competition!


Winning Moves Trouble

The next game we added to our night was Pass The Pigs Pig Party. One of my favorite games to play with my mom was Pass The Pigs. I distinctly remember playing this when I was a youngster. It made me giggle to roll tiny pigs across the table and to get a score based on how the little porkers landed. Pass The Pigs Pig Party is a bit different than the original, but in my opinion, it was more fun! It comes with a variety of colored pigs. You roll the pigs and you are scored based on the way they land. The difference is that their are a few new rules and bonuses! If your piggies land a certain way, you can roll ALL of the pigs to score bonus points! Also, if they land a certain way (as described in the easy to understand rules) you can be disqualified from that round! It's a fun twist on the classic, but it brought back the fun just like the original did!


Pass The Pigs Winning Moves

I have to throw in a quick mention about their original game- Splash Cards. These are just so fun! You can play them in the pool, bath, hot tub, or any other place that you can think of because these are WATERPROOF! They come in 4 different games- Splash Royal Jack, Splash Jack, Splash Pals, and Splashimals. Each game has it's own unique purpose. These would make a great addition to any family fun night. You could also stuff these in the kids or your other relatives stockings this year. It is a unique gift that everyone would love!


Winning Moves Splash Cards

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