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Cinderella Bluetooth Speaker – Cinderella’s Carriage

Cinderella Bluetooth Speaker Picture3

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Christmas is coming and everything Disney related is on my wishlist. Not only am I asking for gifts for myself, but I am buying Disney-themed items for everyone else that will appreciate them. I love Disney, but I don't just buy any old thing with a Mickey Mouse face stamped on it. I like unique gifts, especially when it has anything to do with Disney. 

Cinderella Bluetooth Speaker Picture3

So, for all of my Disney-loving readers and friends, I am excited to introduce the Cinderella CN-M8.FX Bluetooth Speaker. Yes, what you are seeing in the photos is an actual speaker! Isn't it incredible? I first have to touch on the incredible detail in this speaker. The gold detail around the wheels and bottom of the carriage is impeccable. It's definitely not a cheap speaker. It's much more beautiful than I ever imagined. The photos just don't do this beauty justice. It's really a speaker fit for a princess. 

Cinderella Bluetooth Speaker Picture3

The set-up is just as simple as all other Bluetooth speakers. Simply connect it to your smart device and you can stream music wirelessly. The sound quality is very smooth and clear. You will not notice any static or noise in the speaker. The speaker volume can be very loud if you want it to be. The technical aspects are incredible. 

Cinderella Bluetooth Speaker Picture3

Again, the quality of this speaker is just breathtaking. I keep this on my dining room table and it looks like a work of art. I love surprising people by playing music from it. I truly couldn't be more pleased by this beauty! I recommend the eKids Cinderella Bluetooth Speaker for all of the Disney lovers in your life, even for yourself. 

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