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Express Your Love For Music and Arts with DS Art #MusicMonday

I am one that likes to express my love for arts in every way possible. Whether I am blogging about the things I love or I am displaying them in my home, I have to let it all out. When I love something I feel like the world should love it too. That's how I feel about my love for music. I display my love on a daily basis. I display it when I am listening to music, wearing my favorite band tees, discovering new artists, or finding the best artwork. There's something so beautiful about music and something just as beautiful in a piece of art that is dedicated to music. I am sure I'm not the only one that feels this way, so I have to tell you about DS Art.

Art - Ds Art #MusicMonday

The artist's name is Don Stewart. His website is described as his “whimsical world” and it totally is. His art is just mind-blowing. Don Stewart's art complex, it's tedious, it's detailed, it's crazy, but put all that together and it makes sense. His work reminds me of an interview I recently watched with my favorite lyricist, Eminem. In the interview he says that he writes a line and the goes back and squeezes as many words into it as possible. That's how Don Stewart's art is. When you first look at his work, you see it for what it is – an specific image. Let's use the Baby Grand Piano design as an example. You look at it and immediately recognize as it a piano. But then, something catches your eye and you look a little closer. That's when your mind is blown. 

French Horn Art - Ds Art #MusicMonday

Inside each of these composite pictures are a ton of objects that relate to the theme. Some of the objects are literally related to the theme and some include a bit of humor. Either way, it's incredible. Every time I look at these prints, I see something new that I didn't before. This is the type of art that I love to hang on my walls because it makes guests stop and stare.

Baby Grand Piano Art - Ds Art #MusicMonday

I have to say that the Baby Grand Piano print is hilarious! Remember when I said that there's a little bit of humor involved? Well the “baby” grand piano is filled with all sorts of baby-related objects. There's rubber duckies, a teddy bear, toy keys, among other things. I though the toy keys was a hilarious addition because of the piano keys. haha. 

French Horn Art - Ds Art #MusicMonday

The French Horn design is another favorite! It's so funny because it's packed full of “French” objects, like French bread, French Poodle, French Mustard, and more! How creative is that?

I love the creativity and cleverness of Don Stewart's art. I love his music-related drawings, but all of his drawings are incredible. I love staring at these and finding something new. Something else that I love is how much TLC is put into his work. Everything from the art itself, to the shipping process is given a lot of love and details. When I received my two prints I felt special. I receive a lot of mail on a regular basis, but the time and care put into packaging these was really nice! I really have faith in him as an artist!

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  1. Natalie Brown says:

    I’m not an artist bur have a great appreciation for the arts. These drawings are just stunningly exquisite! I love pen & ink drawings. So much talent and artistry. 🙂

  2. Lula Ruger says:

    We love music and art . We would love to have ths book Thanks

  3. Amber Ludwig says:

    I love the stunning and intricate detail!! You can se every line was done with such intention!! So gorgeous!

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