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25 Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Are you looking for gifts for coffee lovers this holiday season? This list of gifts for coffee lovers is relevant and fun! I can smell the coffee brewing already.

If there's one thing that all my friends will say it about it's that I love coffee. I mean I love everything about it. With a cabinet full of mugs and a pantry loaded with different coffee varieties, I know what a coffee lover wants.

Gift ideas Coffee Lovers will Love

So, I've combed through the internet to find the best gift ideas for coffee lovers I could possibly find. From coffee makers to flavored varieties, all the way to coffee graphics.

These are my favorite coffee-themed gift ideas for anyone!

Top 5 Gifts for Coffee Lovers

1. Mr. Coffee® HotCup

Coffee Lovers Gifts 2019

The Perfect Cup of Fresh, Hot Coffee… …brewed to the exact strength you like. Just scoop your favorite coffee grounds with the easy measuring scoop, set the dial anywhere from 6 to 12 oz., and press Brew Now.

The kettle heater will heat the water to the optimal brewing temperature, and the water flow system will distribute it evenly over the grounds through the cone filter, releasing the rich, bold coffee flavors.

Get it on Amazon here

2. Iced Coffee Phone Ring & Case

Iced Coffee Phone Ring

This Iced Coffee Phone Ring and Case are the cutest gift ideas for coffee lovers that are passionate about this hot (or iced) beverage. These would make great stocking stuffers or gifts to go along with a Starbucks gift card!

Get it here

3. Italian Cookies

Gifts for coffee drinkers

Hand-baked and hand-cut, traditional assortment of cookies are full of amore and makes a perfect gift to share with your friends and family. *Selection is subject to change with cookies baked fresh the day of your order*

Get it on Amazon here

4. Women in Coffee Klatch Coffee Holiday Gift Bag

gift Set for Coffee Lovers

Celebrating the women in coffee. This 3-pack is a tribute to the women coffee producers around the world. Their tireless efforts contribute to significantly exquisite coffee. 

Kit includes: a tote, 3 coffee carieties, and 2 mugs! I personally love this gift set for the holidas!

Get it here

5. Caffé Umbria 5 Bag Sample Pack

coffee gift set

This holiday season, give the coffee lover in your life a luxury drinking experience with artisanal, Italian-style coffee and espresso from Caffè Umbria. Purchasers can select from five different signature blends, and further customize Caffé Umbria’s 5 Bag Sampler Pack by choosing the type of grind — from options like home espresso, moka pot, drip, percolator, French press, pour over and more. 

Get it here

6. Coffee Lover's Crate (Coming Soon)

The Coffee Lover's Crate is coming soon to Man Crates but it's loaded with delicious coffee-themed gifts that anyone, especially me, would love.

Coming Soon to

20 More Coffee Lovers Gifts

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  1. James says:

    Italian cookies is a good idea, they do go well with coffee!

  2. James says:

    Italian cookies is a good idea as a gift for a coffee lover, I hadn’t thought of that

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