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Glow in the Dark Phone Chargers

Have you searched a dark room for your phone charger? It's a pain! I usually have to use my phone's light to find my charger in the dark. I typically go to bed later than my boyfriend, so I can't just turn on the lights to find my charger. I never even considered the idea of a glow in the dark phone charger because I've never even heard of one, until now.

Color Cables specializes in glow-in-the-dark chargers for iPhones, iPods, tablets, Android devices, and MORE! They have all the colors of the rainbow to choose from: red, orange, green, blue, purple, pink, and grey. Also, you can choose from a 3ft cable and a 6ft cable. I chose a 6ft cable because a long cable is always needed in my house! How do you get these awesome chargers to glow? Well it's easy! They can be left in direct sunlight or even a bright light for a little while and they will glow all night! These chargers are MADE to last! They are very durable and made with the best of quality materials. Also, don't worry about these tangling up, they unravel easily!

Purchase something unique for your loved ones this year, get them a Color Cable and stuff it in their stocking!
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  1. Nichole says:

    I would LOVE to do a review on this product!

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