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Go Louder Longer With Dubs Acoustic Filters #MusicMonday

Go Louder Longer with Dubs Acoustic Filters


Have you ever attended a concert or music festival and ended up right by the speakers? Or maybe you weren't by the speakers, but the music seemed incredibly loud. Maybe you wouldn't want to admit it, but it just seemed a bit too loud for comfort. It's understandable. The drums, the electric guitars, the screaming… when it comes to music, things get quite intense.

I have attended Music Festivals for the past two years and this year will be my third. Whether you are visiting Coachella, Firefly, or a local festival, comfort and style are important. You don't want to the guy or the girl with the bright orange earplugs in that filters out all of the important sounds, right? That's why you need Dubs Acoustic Filters for your next music festival or concert.

Bring Dubs to Coachella!

I received my first pair of Dubs this year and I cannot wait to bring them to EDBD 23 (a local Rock festival here in FL). What makes the Dubs Acoustic Filters really special is that they protect your ears without ruining your experience. Obviously you don't want to watch the Red Hot Chili Peppers rock out and miss the best parts. Regular earplugs muffle and distort sound. That leaves you missing some of the most iconic guitar riffs and the epic drummer solos. The Dubs Acoustic Filters, however, don't take away from the depth of the music at all. Basically, they lower the volume for you. Imagine yourself twisting a gigantic knob to turn down the concert just a tad bit. It's enough to protect your ears, but not so quiet that you can't hear the best parts. The technology of the Dubs offers the perfect amount of protection when you need it the most.

Dubs Acoustic Filters in Use

The next concern with your average earplugs is how, let me be blunt, UGLY they are. They look funny and everyone can tell that you are wearing them, leaving you feeling like a big ole wimp. The Dubs Acoustic Filters are comfortable and REALLY stylish. The come in a few really stylish colors (teal, blue, pink, and white), so you can pick some up for all of your festival buddies. They fit right into the natural groove of your ears, so you don't have to worry about them looking awkward or about them falling out. I personally cannot wear earplugs because they are too big and fall right out of my ears. With the Dubs advanced design, they fit naturally in my ear.Dubs Acoustic Filters Close Up

I put my Dubs to the ultimate test. I wasn't able to wear them to a concert or festival yet because the EDBD isn't until the end of the month. I figured I would try the next best thing. I put my pretty teal Dubs in my ears, turned my wireless bluetooth speaker on full blast (which is pretty darn loud) and danced. That's right folks, I got my dance on with my Dubs. They didn't filter out the low bass or the hi-hats. They kept my ears from ringing and they DID NOT FALL OUT! After this test, I'd say the Dubs Acoustic Filters are Coachella worthy, what do you think?

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