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2015 Music Festival Must Haves Guide

Featured Image 2015 Music Festival Must-Have Guide #TwoBlogsFunGuides

Welcome to another #TwoBlogsFunGuides event! We are presenting the 2015 Music Festival Must-Haves Guide for all of you music festival junkies! We have clothing ideas, music ideas, and must-have for attending any music festival. Each gift on this guide was personally tested and approved by one or the both bloggers: Women and Their Pretties or Mama Smiths. Please enjoy and remember to keep coming back because new items are added daily!


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Dentz Denim RAD ShirtRAD Shirt

I recommend Dentz Denim for your music festival looks. Their shirts are funny, colorful, and stylish. They come in different sizes and designs. They have a little something for all the ladies looking for festival apparel (they even have the ever-so-popular high-waisted shorts).

Purchase Here 
Coupon Code: WOMENPRETTIES for 20% Off
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Batiste ShampooBatiste Dry Shampoo

The Batiste Dry Shampoo is great for music festivals because it is easy to carry and perfect for a mid day hair refresher. Also, if you are camping out at a music festival your resources are limited and sometimes you don't have time to wash your hair. Give it a good spray with the dry shampoo and your hair will look and smell great!

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Rylan BareTrap SandalsRylan BareTraps Against Fence

If you want style, comfort, and a fashion forward look for an upcoming music festival or outdoor event, then these are perfect for you. The color blends well with almost anything. Make your style POP with the Rylan BareTraps.

Purchase Here 
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Dubs acoustic filters


Dubs Acoustic Filters

Dubs Acoustic Filters are perfect for you to optimize your listening experience at your next music festival, without worrying about damaging your ears. They even come in 4 stylish colors!

Purchase Here 
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Hard Rock Limited Edition TeesImagine Dragons and Rihanna Hard Rock Limited Edition Merchandise

I think these shirts are great for music festivals! There's nothing like repping your favorite artists while you are around music lovers. I know that some people think it's cheesy to wear band shirts to actual concerts (especially when you're seeing the band/musician that's on your shirt). I, however, believe in showing off your dedication to your fave bands!

Purchase Here 
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Totally Essential Grey Tee Totally Essential Grey Tee

This shirt would be great for a music festival because it is light, comfortable, and is stylish! The back is sexy and it flows just enough for you to rock out with your sexy self!

Purchase Here 
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G.M Collin SPF ProductsG.M Colling Sunscreens

You MUST protect your skin when you are at a music festival. You are exposed to the sun for hours (maybe even days) at a time when attending a festival. G.M Collin has a ton of great products to protect and moisturize your face and body!

Purchase Here 
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Purell WIpesPurell Sanitizing Wipes

When out at a music festival all day, you come in contact with some pretty questionable things. Purell Sanitizing Wipes are a great item to have on hand. They kill 99.9% of germs that cause illness and are perfect for a quick cleanup of your hands and face.

Purchase Here 
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The Steezy Pack

The Steezy Pack

This modern twist on a fanny pack is the perfect music festival must have. It’s stylish, convenient, and much more comfortable than carrying a purse! Make a fashion statement at the next music festival!

Purchase Here
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LA LooksLA Looks Hair Products

If you are planning on being out and about this summer at music festivals, parks, camping, and other all day trips – then bring LA Looks Hair Products along for the ride! You need them in your corner. They have something for every hair type, work great, and smell amazing.

Find Where to Purchase Here
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O_Mini_POP_Display_w_largeOxygen Plus

The Oxygen Plus products provide you with 4 times the oxygen than the polluted air we breathe does. They have a ton of different canisters for different occasions. They give you a boost in energy, a breath of (really) fresh air, and a whole new feeling that is hard to get on your own.

Purchase Here 
Read Our Reviews: Oxygen Plus- A Breath of Fresh Air… Literally.
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Punk RocktopusPunk Rock'Topus Tote Bag

This bag is very well made. It’s great quality with a design that doesn’t fade. It’s quite large, making it perfect for all of your must-haves and for the extra goodies that you pick up at the festival (shirts, cups, etc). Look Human has so many different designs and items that your head will spin trying to pick out the perfect one for you!

Purchase Here
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Nature Made Vitamins & Supplements Nature Made

Nature Made has something for everything you need. You can purchase them for yourself or include them in gift baskets! They have vitamins and supplements for energy, sleep, beauty, and more!

Purchase Here
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Keds Champion TribalChampion Tribal Keds

Keds are so incredible comfortable and stylish that it’s a go-to brand for anyone that’s on-the-go! One reason that these shoes are so comfortable is because they fit true-to-size.It doesn’t matter the age. If you love cute shoes, then you will love these. I promise that you will stand out at any festival with these. I wish I owned every Keds design because they are perfect for any casual event. 

Purchase Here
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Reduce GrowlerGrowler-SS_1024x1024

I love the Reduce Growler for so many reasons. It's the perfect addition to your favorite outdoor events. Whether you are drinking beer, soda, or water, this 64oz container will protect it, keeping it as fresh as when you poured it! 

Purchase Here
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