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Holiday Fashion Must-Haves Under $50

It's never too early to start planning your holiday fashion choices. In fact, starting early will save you the stress of last minute shopping later and it will give you a chance to score those holiday finds before the prices skyrocket. Today, I've listed my favorite 20 holiday fashion must-haves for under $50.

Holiday Fashion Must-Haves Under $50

Since the beginning of October, I've been shopping around on one of my favorite fashion shops, Tobi. I couldn't help but to notice the gorgeous warm colors and being the crazy Christmas lover that I am, I found myself window shopping for this holiday season already. Tobi has so many great choices for women to be sexy, comfy, and fashion-forward this holiday season. If you're all about traditional holiday colors with a modern style twist, then this fashion gift guide is exactly what you're looking for.

Cheap Holiday Fashion

  1. Ivana Olive Blouse – $23
  2. Delilah Olive Tassel Earrings – $10
  3. In a Bind Crushed Velvet Bodycon Dress – $44
  4. Amber Olive Twist Bodycon Dress – $34
  5. Emerald Terrell Velvet Shift Dress – $28
  6. Aria Olive Velvet Crop Top – $20
  7. Lana Hunter Green Bodycon Dress – $33
  8. Tie The Knot Olive Dress – $44
  9. The Chills Olive Off Shoulder Sweater – $41

  1. Vene Red Midi Dress – $28
  2. Lucky Lady Wine Lace Up Dress – $38
  3. Wrap It Up Wine Velvet Dress – $39
  4. Thread & Supply Back To Class Button Down Plaid Shirt – $37
  5. Checkmate Red and Black Plaid Shift Dress – $36
  6. Sheer Me Out Red Bodysuit – $29
  7. High You Are Red Satin Slit Maxi – $39
  8. My Soul Win Panama Hat – $25
  9. Pippa Burgundy Velvet Headband – $12

Cheap Holiday Fashion

  1. Emma Teal Off Shoulder Lace Dress – $39
  2. Valari Teal Shift Dress – $29
  3. Valentina Navy Velvet Bodysuit – $24
  4. Julia Navy Skater Set – $36
  5. Lace Down Navy Geometric Bodycon Dress – $21
  6. Light Up The Room Teal Maxi – $13
  7. Vina Navy Skater Dress – $14
  8. Autumn Navy Plaid Scarf – $11

I'm dying over these different looks. I wouldn't mind adding them all to my collection, but I'm pretty sure the baby bump would prevent me from rockin' a few of these style. A girl can dream through, right? When you're shopping for the holiday season, don't forget to pick up some everyday pieces. We don't need to look cute for parties and events only. Who says a girl can't throw on her favorite holiday fashion pieces while cooking dinner or running errands. I personally feel happier when I feel cute. If another woman comments on my shirt, dress, heels, etc. I feel proud to have something that she admires. I don't dress up for the fellas. I dress up for the ladies and for myself. The fact that my husband-to-be appreciate it is just a bonus.

Tell me ladies: What are your favorite pieces from the Tobi collection? What kind of holiday style do you rock? Comfort is key or sexy always? I personally like a little bit of everything. Gotta keep 'em guessing.

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