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How to Turn Water into Soda

Do you ever get sick of drinking the same thing over and over again? Obviously drinking soda, juice, water, or anything else is an every day thing. It isn't exciting or fun. It's just what we do to survive. The majority of us don't make our own drinks. I mean, we pour them in a glass and drink. That's it. We don't have a say so of what goes in them, how sweet they are, or how carbonated they are. We purchase them from the store and drink them. That's it. With that said, have you ever thought about making your own drinks? More specifically speaking, have you ever considered making your own soda? Yes, it is possible for the average person to make their own soda. Why not change your daily routine? Why not make something, as simple as drinking, FUN? I love the idea of turning every day routines into an activity or a game that the entire family can enjoy! How does that sound to you?

About the SodaStream

With SodaStream, you can learn how to turn water into soda! It is easy and fun for everyone! I think this is the perfect gift for anyone in your family! It is so much to use and to experiment with!  Not only can you make soda, you can make carbonated water! There is something so fresh and different about homemade soda. The taste is refreshing. Maybe it's because you are making it just the way you like or maybe it's because of how much fun it is! You can make your very own soda in less than a minute with the SodaStream machine. The machine is lightweight and does not require an outlet for use. I was happy to learn that because you can place it anywhere in your house, without worrying about it reaching an electrical outlet. There are a variety of flavors you can get for your SodaStream! You can also get a few different designed bottle for your SodaStream!

The SodaStream Source Home Soda Maker Starter Kit includes:

1 SodaStream Soda Maker

1 SodaMix Taste Sampler Kit with 6 different flavors

1 C02 carbonator

1 Carbonator Bottle


How To Turn Soda into Water

1. Push the C02 container into the bottom of the SodaStream

2. Fill your Carbonator Bottle with water up to the fill line

3. Attach your bottle into the SodaStream

4. Push down the top of the SodaStream about 3 times for a good carbonated soda

5. Remove the bottle from the SodaStream

6. Add you desired amount of flavor to them bottle

7. Pour and Enjoy!

SodaStream 2


SodaStream has a variety of different flavors including, but not limited to Cola, Diet Cola, Cherry Cola, Light Kiwi-Pear, Light Passionfruit-Mango, Cosmopolitan, Country Time Lemonade, Country Time Pink Lemonade, Energy Drink, Ginger Ale, Kool-Aid Flavors, Lemon Lime, Margarita, and much more! See All Flavors Here

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My Experience With Soda Stream

I love the idea of making my own soda. I can make it exactly how I want, with the flavors that I want! I can make it more carbonated or a little less. I can add as much flavor as I want. This is perfect. Our favorite flavor is the Orange Soda! It was so easy to use. Anyone could figure it out! I would definitely suggest a SodaStream to anyone! This would be an incredible gift for birthdays, holidays, parties, and any other event! These would be great for kids, adults, and even for the work place! We had so much fun with ours! Add these to your Christmas Shopping list to make the whole family happy!

Where to Purchase

You can Purchase a SodaStream from the following retailers: 

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