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How We Do A Lazy Date At Home – Without Spending a Ton of Money

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Let me set the scene. It's date night. Every week or month you have a specific night dedicated to keeping the romance alive with your partner/spouse. Most of you would look at me funny if I said that you should go on a weekly date with your significant other. You would say that you can't afford it. You would say that you don't have time. You have to pay for dinner and the activity. You have to pay for gas and a babysitter. That's if you can find one. The expenses rack up and sometimes, while important, the idea of a date night just seems out farfetched. There are ways to have cute lazy dates in your home without spending a ton of money. Now does that sound like something that's within your reach?

Walmart Family Mobile Plus and a Date Night At Home

I want you to imagine this – a cheap date night in your house, watching a newly released movie that you are streaming. You don't have to step foot outside of your home. It doesn't cost you a dime. Search your pantry and dig through that stash of candy that someone in the house is hiding. Get some cute containers, bags, and bowls. Grab your softest blanket, cuddle up next to your love, and relax. This is your date night at home and it's comfortable and cheap. Date Night At Home with DIY Popcorn Boxes

Speaking of comfortable and cheap, let's talk about the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS plan. I am bringing this up because it's helped me take my in-home, lazy date nights to the next level! This new plan has unlimited talk, text, and data! Yes, I said Unlimited! It includes up to 10GB of 4G LTE data, along with a free movie on VUDU everything month. You get all of this every month, per line for $49.88! Where has this been my entire life?

How to Have a Date Night at Home For LESS

So, how does this relate to date night? First of all, that free movie can be a new release and you don't have to stream it from your phone. I mean, with all that data you could, but what's cool is that you can stream it on any streaming devices, such as a Chromecast, tablet, or a Smart TV. 

Our Idea of a Lazy Date at Home

Along with that, I use my unlimited data for most of my date night preparations. If we decide to order a pizza, I pick up my LG Leon LTE (which was a rollback at WalMart for under $70) and order online. If you're someone that would rather order over the phone, you can do it comfortably because you have unlimited talk. I also find myself browsing Pinterest for hours looking for fun DIY ideas for our date night. I am so excited about the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS because I never have to worry again about going over my data limit at home or when I am on-the-go!

Walmary Family Mobile

If you're looking to focus more on your relationship, then I recommend a date night at least once a month. Your in-home dating options are endless with the newly increased Walmart Family Mobile data plan and the free movie. I personally recommend the LG Leon LTE phone that I mentioned because it's sleek, fast, and functional! That phone a few other have rollback prices! Just look for the Walmart family Mobile display in your local Walmart.  

How could Walmart Family Mobile improve your date nights?

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.

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  1. Ashley says:

    There’s definitely a lot of great tips for having a date night at home without spending a ton of money. While I’m not with someone and I don’t have dates/date nights, I do like to have some fun once in a while. Watching movies at home (‘Cause going to the movies is ridiculous, I mean, c’mon — $14 for ONE ticket, totally obnoxious) is seriously a great idea. I’ve been doing it a lot. Actually, I’ve purchased quite a few TV series that I loved and have been watching them. Sure, I have the cost of the series, but they last forever… practically. I love the creativity with your popcorn containers. Totally cute!

    I’ve never heard of Walmart Family Mobile; only Straight Talk and clearly, they’re two different things. I’m sad to say, though, that I wouldn’t be able to use the Walmart Family Mobile, as T-mobile doesn’t work in my area all that well.

  2. Tessa says:

    Oh my gosh! I love this idea! My husband and I have date nights when our daughters go to sleep once or twice a month. I will for sure be taking some tips from you! We love movies but hate having to rent them, we would use the free movie a month all the time – I will be checking out the Walmart Family Mobile for sure – thank you!

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