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Review: Natural Collagen Inventia

Okay, so I will admit it. I have the worse dry lips. My issue is that I hate to wear chapstick. I am so stubborn. I don’t like anything glossy on my lips, unless its really really nice.  Luckily, the product that I was sent from Collagen works really well. I am hydrating my lips, one product at a time. hehehe

This is a lip gloss that is 100% metals free and 100% lead free. It comes in a nice 5ml tub. Upon receiving it, I naturally opened it to smell it. I want to make sure that whatever I am going to test on my lips, doesn’t smell bad! I was pleasantly surprised to get a nice whif of what smells like strawberry! Yummy!

Collagen Lip Gloss

The smell was nice, so I added it to my lips. It is a clear lip gloss. It is the perfect consistency- not too watery, not too thick. I applied it to my lips using my finger, you could use a brush too. I am not exaggerating when I say that my lips were left hydrated for the ENTIRE day! I did NOT have to apply anymore.

My lips looked very shiny and pretty. They felt amazing! They felt very smooth and hydrated. I really like this lipgloss. I don’t wear lip gloss, so I would probably apply this before bed or once a week for hydration.

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