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If You Love Disney and Fashion, You Will ADORE This!


#ShopItFashion Mickey Mouse Wallet

I am a Disney loving gal. I am not as passionate as some are about Disney, but I do have a deep love for Disney movies, parks, and products. When it comes to Disney Fashion, however, I am crazed. I want Disney jewelry, makeup, accessories, and more! I go crazy over it! That is why I almost jumped out of my site when I found out that I was receiving an adorable Mickey Mouse Wallet from Who doesn't love the adorable and famous mouse, right?

#ShopItFashion Mickey Mouse Wallet

Shop it Fashion's Disney Mickey Mouse Wallet is very fashionable. It is a zip around wallet, so it is very convenient and allows for a lot of storage. It is a beige canvas with adorable Mickey Mouse graphics printed all over it. My only concern would be that it would get dirty easily because of the canvas material, but I plan to keep mine very safe and clean!It is very durable and can be carried without a purse, because it is something that you want to show off! The color really matches anything, but I carry alone or inside of my black purse.

#ShopItFashion Mickey Mouse Wallet

It's quite a good size wallet, so you should be able to fit all of your cards inside of it. The inside is absolutely adorable! It is black with a white Mickey Mouse print. There are 2 large pockets for checks or for cash, 5 regular pockets for your credit cards, and 1 clear pocket for your license. Between all of those pockets is a zipper pocket, which is great for coins or for a little extra protection. Since this wallet is officially licensed by Disney, it has a removable, paper Disney tag on it, making it a perfect gift for a Disney lover in your life!

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  1. kelly says:


  2. kelly says:

    Love this and I would solo use it. And I agree canvas is not friendly to take care of

  3. Betty Bite says:

    That is so cute!!! I love how much room is inside. Enough to fit just about anything. I would have to keep it in my purse because you are right, it would get dirty. Especially if I use it lol.

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