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Ink N Burn – Workout Clothing With An Artistic Touch

I love art. I love every type of art – tattoos, graffiti, paintings, interior design – I love it all. Put a creative touch on something and I will appreciate it. That's why I am excited to introduce all of you to the Ink & Burn workout clothing. It's art on running, yoga, and workout clothing! How cool is that? So, in the spirit of Christmas and the new year with new resolutions, I picked up a couple of pieces to show everyone. 

INk N BURN Workout Clothes9

First is the Women's Atalanta Camisole. The design is incredible. With vibrant colors and distinct lines, this workout tank is definitely a work of art. This top has a built in bra which is actually full coverage. Basically, it keeps everything comfort and in-place even during your most extrememe workouts. The top fits perfectly, it looks stylish, and it has a great story behind it:

Atalanta was an extremely fast runner, the fastest in her village. Told by an oracle that she would be ruined if she married, she let all her suitors know that she would only marry the man that could beat her in a foot race. If you lost against her, you would be killed. Hippomenes heard of her and when they met, they fell in love.  She begged him not to race against her.  He told Aphrodite, goddess of love, of his dilemma and she gave him three golden apples. During the race, he threw down one of these golden apples from time to time, and Atalanta thought they were so beautiful that she stopped to pick them up, and so he was able to win the race and her heart. Zeus, recognizing the greatness of their love for each other, turned them into a constellation of stars known today as the Leonids, allowing the couple to remain together, racing through the heavens, side by side forever.  (Look carefully to find the apples hidden in the art!)

INk N BURN Workout Clothes7INk N BURN Workout Clothes7

Next are the Women's Chenille Capris. I just needed these because that bright green color is irresistible. I don't have anything like this and chances are that you don't either. Not only do I love the colors of these capris, the shape of the design on the sides really makes my legs look great! The curves on the design makes my curves look fabulous! What's really funny about these is that they look like jeans! They really fit me great and the material is breathable. You can run, walk, and move as much as you want in these because of the light, flexible material. As with all of their clothing, there's great story behind them:

Chenille is French for caterpillar.  This remarkably beautiful design comes from the Monarch butterfly caterpillar.  Vivid, vibrant and racy stripes with an organic feel that you only find in nature.  While caterpillars aren't known for their speed, they have great focus and determination.  And, a most remarkable ability to transform into a winged creature and fly. Make sure you use the magnifying glass to find the “petite chenille” hiding just above the camouflaged pocket on the right thigh of our silky, cool capris!

INk N BURN Workout Clothes7

They have a ton of great pieces for men, women, and children. Head to to start shopping now!

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