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ISA Professional Digital Flat Iron Hair Straightener Review

I have very long, curly, and crazy hair. Just like every girl, I want my hair to be different from my natural look. I love how beautiful, soft, and flat my hair looks after straightening it. Since my hair is so wild, it takes quite a while to get the look that I want. I need a really good quality straightener to tame this mess. First of all, I don't waste my times with straighteners that don't have ceramic plates because they will not get the job done and they damage my hair. I also need a straightener that doesn't pull my hair when I straighten it. There's nothing more annoying then your hair getting pulled while you're already hot and spending a half hour on it!

I love the @isa.professional digital flat iron! It makes my crazy curly hair soft and smooth! #isaprofessional #straighhair #curlyhair #gotitfree

So I've heard about ISA Professional before and I've been dying to try their products. The ISA Professional Digital Flat Iron is definitely one of the most stylish irons that I've used. It's red & black and very sleek. I am a bit biased because red & black are my favorite colors, but it really is beautiful. The size of the iron is perfect. I prefer a thin iron to a thick one because it's easier to straighten your roots and around your ears. It isn't too heavy and it is comfortable to hold. 

What really makes this flat iron unique are the digital settings. With a digital temperature control between 175 – 450 Fahrenheit, you can choose the best heat settings for the style that you're looking for. I usually keep it at 350 for my thick hair and under 300 for my bangs. If I am touching up my already straightened hair, anything under 300 does the trick. I was worried at first about the digital control being right where I would typically hold the iron, but there's a special lock feature on the straightener! Just push the power button twice and you can lock your chosen temperature in place. My hands does push the controls a lot, so this feature is quite smart of the company. Although, I wonder if the buttons were lower if it would be more convenient? 

I actually love this straightener. It works great. It straightens my hair quicker than others and it doesn't leave my hair dry and frizzy like many flat irons do. I love the 45 minute shut off feature, although it's a pain when I'm straightening my hair slowly. With all the hair that I have, it sometimes takes about an hour to finish it. I can't complain too much about this safety feature though. The straightener does what it claims to do and it comes with a 2 year warranty! 

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