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Lauren Brooke’s Organic Cosmetiques

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Hello ladies! What is your favorite brand of Organic cosmetics? Have you ever even tried organic makeup? If not, then you NEED to understand the benefits of it! Cosmetics with natural ingredients are great for your skin! Rather than clogging your pores and leaving your face looking and feeling too oily, too dry, or washed out, it leaves your skin looking refreshed, clean, and healthy! Did you know that your skin absorbes 60% of what you apply to it? That means that all of those toxins and chemicals in your make up is being soaked right into your skin! I am not saying that I only wear organic makeup, but if my skin is having a bad week, I go organic for awhile! If you decide to go organic, you should definitely begin with Lauren Brooke's Cosmetiques.

Using all of the best and most natural ingredients, Lauren Brooke has created a line of cosmetics that every woman needs to try. Everything that I tried gave me a beautiful and natural look. Something VERY unique is that some of her products include Green Tea as an ingredient! When I was applying the foundation I couldn't help but to keep smelling it because it smelled just like tea. I thought I was crazy until I looked up the ingredient list! I personally feel like green tea has one of the most refreshing smells. I like the idea of putting something on my face that has a nice scent.

So a little bit more about the items that I received. Lauren Brooke sent me a few items to review for testing purposes. These items included a Crème Foundation, Crème Concealer, Golden Bronzer, and a lip scrub. I can honestly say that each item impressed me much more than I expected. My favorite being the foundation and the lip scrub. Each item is listed below with more detail.

    • Crème Foundation– This foundation is soft, smooth, and goes on beautifully. It will leave your face looking naturally beautiful. This is great for dry or oily skin because it is not a thick makeup. A few of the recognizable key ingredients are beeswax, argan oil, and green tea. Each ingredient works into your skin in a different way like hydrating, reducing pores, and protecting your skin. This is not a full coverage foundation (in my opinion), but it is enough coverage.


    • Crème Concealer– This concealer is full coverage, like a concealer should be. Just dab a bit onto your troubled areas and you can look forward to flawless skin! An organic concealer makes for a great concealer!


    • Organic Sweet Chai Lip Scrub– Ohhh I need it! That is immediately what I said when I read the description on the site. YUMMY! That is what I said when I applied the lip scrub and tasted the sweet taste of chai. Ahhh… is what I said when I cleaned the scrub off of my lips only to discover that the dead skin on my lips had disappeared. For a girl like me that has constant issues with dead skin, I was pretty pleased to have found a scrub that works better than the others! It smells good, tastes great, and works superbly! This is why it was one of the favorite items that I received from Lauren Brooke's Cosmetiques.


    • Golden Bronzer– I love trying new bronzers! I chose the Golden because golden just sounds beautiful. The bronzer is very soft and organic mineral powder that smoothes beautiful right onto the skin. Unfortunately, this isn't the best color for me. It is a bit too orange for my light with a pink undertone complexion. If you have a yellow undertone this will be perfect for you! I CAN wear this, but I have to smooth it in very very lightly. The best thing about mineral bronzer is that it will last you forever! A little goes a very long way!


I definitely recommend  Lauren Brooke's Cosmetiques to anyone looking for a healthy step up in their makeup routine! 

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